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  1. Okey, there's something that we don't know, right?

  2. His cooking is that good Fergie don't care about age, he's travelling the country.

  3. Dude, I just want him to lift a last Premier League before...

  4. Swerve to me should be a future World Champ.

  5. He's winning the TNT title this year, at least. He should be the one who defeat Wardlow for it.

  6. I really can’t subscribe to another Wardlow reign, the first was super underwhelming.

  7. Give him the benefit of the doubt. They have a chance to vindicate him.

  8. Love the fred shithousery throughout the 7 minutes of ET

  9. And Rashford wasting like 2/3 minutes by himself

  10. I’m sure the cost savings of running the Orlando DarkZone makes it possible to use all the international & contracted talent they have booked for Supercard.

  11. Hopefully best case scenario is Wednesday's tape of Dark Elevation + Dynamite (and maybe even Dark), and Friday's tape with ROH + Live Rampage.

  12. If they truly respect that, then the Saudis don't fit the criteria.

  13. Overall, I think AEW has matchups and segments that can draw, but they also go to a lot of things that don’t draw. There are too many random matches with no build that feature fairly unknown or unbuilt names. Takeshita vs Cage is a good example. No build, and Brian Cage hasn’t done anything in months.

  14. No build? Man, Takeshita literally defended Danielson FROM Cage last week.

  15. Wow the television audience did not want to watch Cage Takeshita, it was a solid number until that, rest of the show did well keeping their audience

  16. It's two guys who are not household names and they were after an Acclaimed's segment. I think it's normal that this drop happened.

  17. So you’re telling me WWE isn’t dying because that what I was told numerous times early in the year lol

  18. Early in the year? Who said that? WWE just did a gigantic Royal Rumble gate and they're pulling monstrous ratings.

  19. Well, then there's the answer. People confuse the terms "momentum" with "dying".

  20. Okey, good. The evidence is right there. He shouldn't be close to Carrington.

  21. Wonder if they'd go the WWE "PLE" route with the PPV's or if they'd put them up on a delay, plus if it's own thing through WBD instead of being added to say HBO Max they could just take Honor Club and rebrand it.

  22. No way they do that. A quick estimate of PPVs' revenue is like 20M per year for AEW, no way Tony let that go (unless they strike a better deal with WBD).

  23. It's interesting that it's not joining HBO Max, it's starting a whole new thing.


  25. Darby Allin and hardcore matches.

  26. They're putting the rocket on Takeshita, and it's absolutely the right call.

  27. What the hell is Isaiah doing 😭😭

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