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My bridesmaid accepted her role in a way that hurt my heart

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  1. Marketing for biotech or Pharma companies are sought after, your bs can give you an edge for those jobs if you go for an MBA. Have you done any bioinformafics? Data science is also good for your background and doesn’t require much wet work, depending on the program.

  2. Have a serious talk with your bf NOW about what other traditions are you expected to go through with his family. Will they want to be involved in wedding planning, in naming kids, judge if you don’t want any, belittle you for not being a SAHW, etc. this are conversations to have before you get engaged. Remember that, as cliche as it sounds, you’re marrying his family too and it can take a toll if you don’t get along with them, even more so given that your bf doesn’t step up to defend you.

  3. They weren’t exclusive so it doesn’t count 🤣

  4. These dudes earned their can of coke and hot dog tonight

  5. You mean their taco and horchata

  6. Tony has the contract ready right?

  7. Can’t wait for Taya to get Jade’s belt!

  8. Meanwhile the neutrophil 🥲

  9. I’ve never been more uncomfortable watching wrestling that at the end of this match. That was nerve wracking.

  10. Rene needs to have those pants hemmed.

  11. Are the Gunns the least liked champions ever in AEW?

  12. I need some rainbows and unicorns now

  13. I wouldn’t be worried about anyone watching. I’m worried about a permanently wet bathroom. There’s no separation for the shower.

  14. Kommander showing a small taste of his repertoire as a high flyer luchador. Great debut. Check out AAA lucha libre on YouTube if you want to see more of him.

  15. My husband: look, you’re not going to eliminate the Mexicans by throwing them up anything that resembles a wall 🤣

  16. Wardlow is insanely hot. Even more now with short hair.

  17. Contract for Komander immediately after this right? Holy shit.

  18. You gotta get better to come to Austin in May.

  19. Cuanto le daría Musk por el “permiso”?

  20. Did you ever get an apology for her no-show? Do you still talk to them?

  21. I was very close to one of my cousins, she’s a year younger than me. When she was planning her wedding she told my aunts that she only wanted the thin cousins as her bridesmaids, so I would be excluded. I ended up not even attending her wedding and we haven’t had much of a relationship since then.

  22. Aún mejor si te la dan en bolsa de plástico y con popote.

  23. Daaang. We don’t see that often from Evil Uno.

  24. I was the director of an R&D lab like what you describe. We would never have clinical techs run our samples without proper compensation. We would do a B-code and techs would work for us for a few hours and be paid out of our grants money. Interestingly enough we, R&D, earned way less than clinical people did so it was hard to find b-codes. What you’re describing looks like a conflict of interest to me. As the commenter above said, the RD people should be running their own samples.

  25. God frikking damn it. My husband surprised me with ticket for this as an anniversary present and I had to reschedule work travel to be there!

  26. Those prices don’t seem unreasonable to me. I work on clinical setting not environmental but PCR for anything is expensive.

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