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Deadpool kills wanda ( Credit: Youtube - Mightyraccoon! )

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‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Catapults Past $1B At Worldwide Box Office

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  1. Season finale/after credits scene would go crazyyyyy

  2. Yeah it’s strange if true but u also gotta remember Jamie Foxx is an Oscar winning actor and lizard wasn’t that bad and he was a cgi character with very few lines.

  3. Lizard is just as mediocre as the bottom tier MCU movies like Whiplash or Yellowjacket, and i say that as someone who loved TASM

  4. I dont think its that simple, the show was made to be its own separate show woth no ties to an existing franchise and it was made specifically for HBO Max. It wasn't until CW started losing shows and needed blocks filled that they pulled over Stargirl and Superman and Lois and the whole first season was filmed to be its own thing with no ties to the Arrowverse and wasn't even pulled in to the Arrowverse until then end of Season 1 and before season 2. So those people have an argument.

  5. Same here, it’s been a good while since we last saw crossovers like this. Yes I’m aware of NWH and MoM, but I just mean Avengers interacting with each other.

  6. It’s been over 3 years, which means it’s already longer than the usual wait between Avengers movies/big crossovers (it’s always been just 3 years at most)

  7. This is the one thing I dislike about the Volume; it’s becoming very noticeable because of the limited way they shoot in it.

  8. It’s only noticeable because they were half-assing the sets in Kenobi. It felt like almost every lightsaber fight scene happened in the same big open space

  9. The Arrowverse had no set tone, though. Each show was its own thing.

  10. Nope, Todd said it's a different diggle with a similar past. His doppleganger but not the same from Arrow.

  11. That’s because they retconned it in this episode. It was the same Diggle before.

  12. Fantastic - the reactions of the Captains fit perfectly. Well done!

  13. Somehow fits more here than it does in the actual movie

  14. Hey guys, i’m curious. What’s the point of them adding Jane if it’s just gonna be in the same boring AIM labs with the same boring robots we’ve fighting for 2 years now?

  15. He was practically the co-lead on Legends. Just because it’s a TV Show doesn’t change the fact that he was one of the main characters on a long running and successful television series

  16. There isn’t a single theme of racism in black panther, slavery is mentioned and other atrocities like that but they aren’t shoved down your throat at all and is just mentioned to ask where wakanda was when slavery was happening. Your friends are incredibly stupid and definitely dislike the movie because it’s about black people.

  17. Huh? Killmonger’s entire character arc is revolved around intergenerational trauma, aka racism. His whole point is that Wakandans sat by and let all the racist shit happen

  18. Yeah but the movie doesn’t make a point to look down the barrel of the camera to blame white people or to make white people feel guilty, it’s more to make a point that wakanda was wrong to sit back and hide while that happened

  19. That doesn’t mean racism wasn’t in the movie lmaoo

  20. Margo has done a great job with her role, but I also feel like Harley has been written wildly inconsistently between the three films

  21. It was pretty good from SS to BOP, but TSS literally just made her repeat her arc from BOP

  22. Idk, we’re getting 50 multiverse stories. I don’t think it’s out of the ballpark.

  23. The multiverse isn’t really a storyline, it’s a concept they can use. “someone taking the identity of someone else” is a storyline, and that would absolutely get annoying fast.

  24. Who wins in a fight, Ms. marvel or Shang Chi, Go

  25. Again… for the millionth time…. we don’t know how powerful Kamala will be by the end of her show/the time we get to the movie.

  26. Listen, none of these characters have to be as strong as Carol to appear in the film. They only need one reason, simple or not. Kree ancestry. Ancient Kree/stolen tech. Both have a reason to be there if they so choose.

  27. I mean, yeah, they kind of do. It’s not Captain Marvel 2, it’s called The Marvels. It’d be pointless for them to be there if Carol is the one doing everything, they’re obviously getting boosted.

  28. Neither is there any reason to believe he does exist in other universes ?? He isn't shown in any dream scenes with her kids and is talked about in past tense. "Vis had his theories" "I blew a whole through the head of the man I love and it meant nothing, do not speak to me of sacrifice"

  29. The children that don’t exist? How are her children more relevant than Vision?

  30. Rogue One made over $1B at the box office? Wow, I never realized it did so well, but imo it deserved all the success it got.

  31. The movie is so fucking boring until the third act, and that doesn’t change the fact that all of the characters are forgettable and the story isn’t interesting until Vader shows up

  32. Backstory: because of COVID, Marvel started using tech that could CGI costumes onto actors so that there would be less exposure between the crew. So they only made one GG costume (his MCU upgraded one) and CGI’d the 2002 one on here because it would be used less. Same reason why Tobey and Andrew’s stunt doubles suits had masks but theirs did not (they only made 1-2 for each).

  33. It’s not really a COVID thing… they just often do CGI costumes. Endgame’s Quantum suits and Peter’s costumes in pretty much every movie are examples of this

  34. To reduce interactions between cast and crew members on set during the pandemic, the production reportedly relied on "innovative new technology" that scanned actors into a visual effects system that can apply make-up and costumes to actors during post-production.

  35. I mean… the tech they used might’ve been new, but that’s not a new concept. They’ve been doing that for blockbusters for decades now.

  36. I'm not acting like it's a bad thing. The commentor is acting like a lack of humor is a bad thing. As I said it's understandable, he's a fan of the MCU. Marvel movies are generally light-hearted and full of humor so the Batman's darker tone is not his cup of tea

  37. What’s wrong with him finding the lack of humour to be bad?

  38. Because it is not valid criticism. Aside from Adam West and some earlier films, Batman always had a serious and darker tone. It's like claiming you don't like the new Spiderman movies because it's filled with humor when Spiderman was always funny and campy. That's kinda the point.

  39. It absolutely is a valid criticism — who are you to say someone’s opinion isn’t valid?

  40. Little nit picky but is it too hard to find background actors that are all the same height and similar build? They are clones after all.

  41. I mean… yeah? It’d be a waste of time and energy; the clones show up for like 30 seconds max. I’m honestly surprised they cast people at all and didn’t just CGI them again

  42. I dunno…that shit was so cringy to me. An untrained girl supposed to beat a trained sith lord and a skywalker in a lightsaber duel…come on

  43. You’re really oversimplifying it. Kylo is not a Sith Lord, and he was literally bleeding out in the fight (you know, right after he killed his dad).

  44. Na, things are way worse after the ot according to the sequels. Thrawn trilogy is way better. Sure there is still way but at least the empire is smaller. How many people died in TFA? Billions and billions? If the sequels are canon the state of the galaxy would have been way better if the ot didn’t happen.

  45. Yeah, 30 years later. So what? The real world after WW1 went to shit after only 21 years when WW2 started. Hell, in SW, it only took 3 years from the Clone Wars before the Empire began and their world went to shit after like 2 days of peace. How many people died in the Prequels because Anakin was inconsistent as a character?

  46. The actions of the heroes in the ot directly lead to billions and billions of deaths and a way worse state of the galaxy, you might like stories like that but I don’t. It’s trash. Obi-wan would have been better off just killing Luke and Leia.

  47. The actions do not “directly lead” to death. Their actions directly lead to the end of the OT war and the saving of millions. If Obi killed them then imagine how many more would’ve died because of the death star.

  48. Letitia Wright is a certified nut-job with a lot of anger, Miles Teller is not. I think you are trying to race bait.

  49. What has she ever done to show she’s got a lot of anger?

  50. I was specifically referring to Miles so no official word on what happened and unlike Letitia the actor stated what happened was untrue. So wtf is your problem then lol. He outright stated, “I am vaccinated and have been for a while”. That disputes the rumor about him on set being unvaccinated. Either way it’s semantics. It had nothing to do with him being white, he flat out said he was vaccinated which Letitia did not. That’s why there was a difference in treatment.

  51. My problem? You’re the one replying to me.

  52. I don't think you want Battlefront 3, the people responsible for making 2 fun have left DICE. They're working on a new game called ARC Raiders, and obviously we now know what current DICE is capable of.

  53. The people that made the game “fun” don’t exist. It was still a buggy piece of shit when they stopped updates, only difference is that there was actual content to play

  54. It’s pretty fuckin hard to not notice new major content on Disney+. Marvel and Star Wars shows for example are categorized in like five or six different columns not including the top banner.

  55. It can be if you’re a causal viewer. Obi-Wan? It’s the first thing you see on the home screen, so people just click and watch.

  56. Those two aren’t anything alike. Studios don’t put out double releases because they know most people either can’t afford to or don’t want to take the family out to two movies in a day. Also it would hurt their profits.

  57. It’s similar, though. Again, it’s about word of mouth/popularity. Netflix didn’t release seasons Stranger Things, Daredevil, and 13 Reasons Why on the same day, because spreading it out guarantees that more people will watch it immediately

  58. Do you realize how comics work? If you aren't interested in it, don't watch it, many others love Agatha's character, and this series will expand upon her mythos and explore the mystic part of the MCU even more. Similarly, do you really think comic book fans read every single marvel comic which has come out since their inception?

  59. This isn’t the comics, they’re a cinematic franchise. It’s becoming too hard to follow everything as a casual fan

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