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  1. Plastic backed, 7,000 ML capacity, cute positional printing, STRETCH hook and loop tabs.

  2. And this is where everyone's opinion is different. I love Bambino.

  3. I also love bambino. Yeah they don't have the most revolutionary prints, but the quality of the diaper is top tier imo.

  4. Bellisimos V1 is my favorite. I wear Rearz aloy because the fit on me is perfect.

  5. Saw this at Marshalls a couple days ago! I almost got it too

  6. Well that was money I didn't intend on spending...oh well 😁

  7. Same here lol, got the retiring Farm onesie and the fruit bats one

  8. You've been nothing but a little troll in this thread and now you're playing little victimized cisgender boy.

  9. Thankfully you don't get to define Womanhood. Some women can't get pregnant, some women don't have uteruses, or breasts.

  10. Jesus fucking Christ. Again posting a different opinion to your own makes bullying okay?

  11. That's a shame. Do their other products have the stretchy hook and loop style tabs?

  12. Their bloomez diapers also have the stretch tabs

  13. It seems like they keep having these big sales on their bags of diapers, but their shipping prices are outrageous. The diapers are 40% off but when I went to check out the shipping was like $20

  14. I think I can see why you're getting ghosted so much...

  15. I’m super prone to these things. I would wait at least 3 days after the infection goes away. Just to make sure that pesky bacteria is done. When you start wearing again and you notice some symptoms are coming back, I’d hold off about 5-7 days, (I know it’s a long time, but it’s good to be healthy). You can also try “AZO yeast plus” it’s a medication you can get in the same section as monistat or feminine products. To make sure the symptom don’t come back once you’re padded again(:

  16. The new hearts puppy! She's so soft and adorable, I sleep with her every night ❤️

  17. Same here!! I can offer pretty much anything for one :)

  18. My first package from them had medical supplies written in huge letters on the shipping label. Now I always write in the notes before placing my order asking for a shipping label that does not say medical supplies on it.

  19. Is the new one worse? What parts do you dislike of the new ones? The difference in sizing or the print?

  20. IMO yes the new ones are worse. They are called princess PINK yet the diaper is now mostly white. I absolutely hate the print, and I've heard they made the sizing smaller as well. Im also pretty sure they are scented now which I hate.

  21. I personally actually kind of like the new print, but that's mostly since I'm not super big on it entirely being pink. That said i totally see the appeal for them being in full pink and its sad to see it go later this year. Perhaps try and stock up on them a bit?

  22. They are already out of stock everywhere in my size unfortunately.

  23. Mine was a pink poodle from between 2004-2006? I named her pinkie pie 😋

  24. Littletude on amazon has some super cute onesies for about $20

  25. No, we weren’t told it was even launching. We’re getting an entirely different pokemon within the next two weeks.

  26. Oh wow another one?? That's super exciting. I just placed an order for Espeon and I'll probably be going to a store within the next 2 weeks

  27. It is not, someone called from my discord server and asks and si far it will be an online exclusive

  28. I have these, + a bunch more! They're seriously so cute and are basically replicas of Carter's baby clothes for grown ups. Also the children's place has adult sized Halloween jammies rn.

  29. Now we need a Scorbunny villager to make a cameo on Animal Crossing lol! Very cute outfit!

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