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  1. Hi Hermes!! You’re cute!! Welcome to our community

  2. what a great video compilation of cute and crazy moments!!!!

  3. Gorgeous coloring! what a sweet pup. what is his name?

  4. happy bday little friend! i know you are loved and i know you will have a great year ahead of you!

  5. I am always listening since they play a lot of dead music and i am a certified deadhead- BUT I MISSED the hips playing- that woulda blown mind. i didn't watch the whole game, so thanks for sharing this makes my day, I love the hips and have since 1994

  6. We got our boy from Contigo Havanese in Sunriver. She only breed full AKC havanese

  7. would love to know your experience w/ the breeder.

  8. I got my girl who i love with all my heart from alderon farms -she is a great dog; sturdy, playful, healthy, cute etc- It's just over the border into Southern Washington. it was maybe half hour north of portland. -breeders name is Stephanie. She's been breeding a long time and is very responsible w/ health testing.

  9. yes, you should totally go! those are the final 3 shows for this band- you will have a blast. during the day you can take in some of the cool SF scenery and sights- museums, great restaurants, etc. And at night enjoy the great music and make new friends.

  10. It's nice to find a groomer you like and trust, it's not easy!!

  11. what a smile!! these dogs are so joyful and sweet and fun- havanese are the best! and, wilbur is adorable!

  12. Love my bullfrog! Did alot of research and I like their proprietary systems, easy to work on (had some issues this winter) got the watch the tech take apart some stuff.

  13. yay! can't wait to get ours thanks for the input

  14. I’m 6’1” and a bit, 220lbs. Wife is 5’4”, I like my life enough to not guesstimate her weight ;)

  15. yes i think we'll be happy with the bigger size and it's worth the extra cash in the long run

  16. Yeah totally bummed to come home to reality, have the three shows playing in the house today. So grateful to have been there and would definitely be game for hanging with a bunch of heads on the beach at some point in the future.

  17. I am SO incredibly bummed, but also feel so lucky to have attended. this year was our first 'real' pits- we went in 2022 but obviously that wasn't the real deal. This past week was a beyond incredible experience. I hope there is something similar in the future. I know it's not quite the same but my hubby and i thought about maybe going to the grateful hotel in costa rica next winter. I met the owners down at PITS last week, cool people.

  18. what night was this?? i was there, but couldn't see little details like this- i love this! I heard that the 3rd night Jay was stepping in a lot for both mickey and billy. he's such a talent- i love his energy!

  19. that's what i thought- but thanks for clarifying! what a cool moment.

  20. Oh man where is the dashboard? On the emails they sent us? I missed this somehow. Need to watch that night 1 drums again.

  21. night 1 drums was amazing! the best! we get audio only, and you go to the guest dashboard for that

  22. Puppies are basically the same as energy vampires…..

  23. ha!! a sneaky "what we do in the shadows" reference- nice!

  24. Otis came to mind for some reason! what a cutie by the way!!!!!

  25. I had such an amazing time down there too! it was everything i hoped it would be. I loved the shows- night 2 was epic in my opinion. I thought they sounded great & bobby's voice sounded strong.

  26. Thanks for all the love everyone, he’s going to be our second Havanese in the house. We got Scarlet Begonia last year and she’s been asking for a baby brother. He’ll be coming home next month and we’re just thrilled.

  27. aha! this is so funny- i saw the name franklin and i thought "i wonder if they named him that after franklins tower" which is a fave grateful dead song of mine...and the answer is yes! I just saw dead and co. play that song down in mexico and it was divine!

  28. go here: and click on 'surrender a dog' -they area specific rescue for havanese


  30. What a great set list!! That was an epic show - one of my faves ever. Wow, I loved it

  31. It’s on the official jazz fest website as of about 2 min ago!

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