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I think I’ve finally figured out St. Stephen

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  1. Hells yea! psyched that they added LP Giobbi. She is powerhouse, bad ass, super talented. This is gonna be AWESOME!


  3. seems like more than a rumor at this point. wonder when it will be on the official website?! now i have to start listening to Goose. I have honestly never heard them. i know people go crazy for them so i am sure they're kick ass. it's gonna be fun

  4. that is so cool. i love the bears hangin' next to the skeletons. the stealie in the water is awesome

  5. just watched it on the tv this morn- what a great interview. Bobby is the best- so heart felt and sincere and hard working! loved it. also great footage of the rehearsals, and bobby's workout routines -good stuff for a fine sunday morn

  6. oooooh yum! your pup got some extra nummies!

  7. he is adorable- really precious and sweet looking. Have a great time with him and I bet he is so happy to be with you! Do a DNA test and let us know the results. but no matter what breed he is - he is special!

  8. I’ve stayed at The Grand several times. I prefer the top floor rather than ground floor because it gives you more privacy on your balcony.

  9. uh- what??!!!! that's insane! is it coming off of a step when it first shows up on the camera? that is solid gold.

  10. I chatted with the support staff on the PITS website, they said in the next 2 weeks the lead guest would get an email notification about the dashboard going live, and that was about 4 days ago. So in the next week and a half. Supporting acts announced soon after that.

  11. Yea there is a playing in the sand subreddit, as mentioned prior but not a lot of active discussion happening over there. there may be past posts that are helpful over there tho.

  12. Such wonderful and practical advice, good of you to write it out (again).

  13. nice- will be checking out dogTV immediately! I had never heard of it til now- see how helpful Reddit can be! Thanks for the info and I also cannot wait for January

  14. And Bob’s still living a great life! It seems like Bobby has it made- good health which he’s worked hard for, great family and awesome friends. And a cool job! Also Jeff has it made- he has great hair, plays a lot of golf, and has a bromance with John Mayer

  15. The inside scoop is that dashboard will be up in the next 2 wks and the supporting acts announced soon after that I know this b/c I chatted with support staff today (clicked support on the playing in the sand website) 😊👏🎉

  16. Welcome! Hazel the havanese says 👋 and I do too 😊

  17. What a persistent and clear communicator he is!

  18. Whatever the copay is I will pay it! Cutie!

  19. yes! we have a vest and a few sweater. it helps her stay warm for sure- i kept her hair on the shorter side. this one is my fave- it is so cute and it has pockets!

  20. Packing list ideas: bring actual shoes, like running shoes with arch support it makes a big difference -you will be walking standing and dancing so much! I would bring sunblock, buying at the resort is very spendy. Also things like Tums or Alka-Seltzer ibuprofen it’s just better to bring all that kind of stuff with you I also bring clothes pins to close any gaps in the curtains- trying to sleep in is very necessary as you will be up very late 😊

  21. I have a question about “swag” items to trade. What do people typically spend? Everything I’ve looked at it around 300$ + please share some tips on what to bring. Thanks

  22. I think I spent about $300 getting stickers made but you can get creative and get Coozies printed! It’s fun and you’ll come back with a lot of stuff

  23. Beni is gorgeous- what nice coloring. congrats!

  24. Interesting! this is intriguing for me in a big way- i went to st marys college in Moraga (just a few miles from this location in Orinda) and this is where i got on the bus and started going to dead shows in Oakland and mt view in the early 90's.

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