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  1. Good thing I'm just a fan and not an exec so these things don't matter to me. As long as the shows are great, I'm happy, and I've been very happy since Full Gear.

  2. My theory is that they would rather keep her around because she could be useful for NXT Japan. It's unclear when they will launch the brand but they will need a roster and having Sarray as the face of the division would be a good start. They're probably keeping Meiko for the same reason.

  3. Pretty sure NXT Japan has been scrapped. At this point it feels like a few years ago where they're just hoarding good talent to keep them from doing anything elsewhere.

  4. The new face paint is incredible, it doesn't look cheap or half assed,

  5. And AEW caters to smarks which is why it remains stagnant and isn’t doing better ratings or attendance or ppv buys year over year.

  6. Good. Dynamite has been great since Full Gear so I hope TK keeps catering to them ;)

  7. Then I will watch something else. In the meantime, I'm gonna enjoy a great alternative for as long as it lasts.

  8. Samoa Joe still got it. I thought he was wasted after his second NXT run and I didn't have high expectation for his AEW/ROH run but it has been really good.

  9. Every Darby match is a snuff movie and I can't look away

  10. Hopefully these house shows won't be booked like Dark with 14 matches and half of the card being local jobbers. It should be the same format as WWE, 7 or 8 matches with full time talents against each other.

  11. MJF going to book Danielson vs Ibushi

  12. It's complicated. Her profile is still on the roster page but she has her own merch store and she's already taking US indie dates for May. The last time she wrestled full time was in September. At this point, she's 99% freelancer and 1% Stardom. Her contract is very unique, even for a freelancer.

  13. Glad we managed to recover the money as this was quite an expensive transfer for us (6 Mio Euros, obligation to buy rumoured to be 7,5 Mio Euros).

  14. Well, Lens is playing with 3 CBs too (3-4-3) so he will either play as box-to-box or on the left side of the offensive line.

  15. Some debates would be less toxic if people just said "X is one of the greatest of all time" instead. It's impossible to put someone above the rest in any sport because they are so many variables and the eras are different.

  16. ? There was nothing wrong with the bump

  17. I mean, if anything, her bump looked more realistic, and Candice went straight for the pin, so the whole sequence was fine. In your video, she took the same bump at Takeover. The way you keep arguing with people about this spot in particular is weird.

  18. Oh my, Asuka might get her first win at WM with this new presentation, fingers crossed. And I'm glad they're keeping the face paint for the matches.

  19. Candice being in the qualifying match after losing to Io doesn't make sense.

  20. Give her a break, she's a high speed wrestler, not a high speed thinker

  21. If there's no weekly show anymore, how will they setup the PPVs matches? With ROH?

  22. Yeah, how silly to compare Roman with two of the best in the world /s

  23. ngl, using Nia at #30 is an incredible rib, Vince would be proud

  24. Babyface at #30 overcame the odds by eliminating monster heel at #1

  25. Given his current state, I have no idea how they will book his elimination. His knees are shot and he can't jump over the top rope. Maybe he will tease a moonsault from the turnbuckle and someone will push him on the apron?

  26. No, but he seems pretty confident about it.

  27. Yeah, I’ve got to admit, he’s swaying me a bit… now he’s saying the Rock’s Instagram video was from December. Timeline certainly matches up.

  28. and kermit just said reigns/owens is the main event, so...

  29. I still hate how Rhonda immediately comes out and steals the moment. They really should have done that on Raw the next night

  30. Asuka getting a big win before someone else steals her moment, name a more iconic duo

  31. Why do you think the response to his character has been so much more positive in WWE? Is it because it's a more structured environment so his character doesn't feel so muddled?

  32. WWE family audience loves that kind of babyface character. But he was over in AEW too, at least at the beginning. Then the more he kept cutting these corny promos, the more people turned on him. It could happen in WWE too.

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