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  1. When I eat an orange or similar fruit, I was it and peel off the zest with a potato peeler. These I cut into thin matchsticks and put in a jar. Cover with sugar and put in the refrigerator. The oil will be drawn out, making an orange sugar syrup. I will include this syrup in my black tea to sweeten and add to the flavor.

  2. For ice tea, Luisianne is the best! Sometime I throw a celestial seasonings peach tea bag in to mix it up. Make it strong and serve over lots of ice with a wedge of lemon

  3. Yes this brand lives up to its advertisement

  4. When I read the article and the title, I get the impression that they are able to observe an image of this huge planet many light years away. But I am pretty sure that this is not actually the case. Am I wrong?

  5. You are correct, our best telescopes are still far too small to resolve this brown dwarf as a disk. The results come from interpretation of the spectrogaphic data and sophisticated planetary models.

  6. This is actually kind of a relief to know. Thank you.

  7. What surprises me of that this study was done in Vietnam, not the U.S.

  8. What is surprising? You mean bc the USA has such notoriously awful healthcare?

  9. Yes. Usually when I read something like this, the subject country is the United States.

  10. What's the alternative they're looking for, just have women bleed all over the place? Surely offering people basic sanitary items isn't liberal, it's just sane.

  11. They should absolutely bleed on everything! They're should be blood on the seats of school buses and on classroom seats. Of they are sent to the principal, they should bleed on the chairs. They should get blood on their hands and then hand in homework.

  12. That incident with cobalt-60 in 1984 was really quite a story. Detected by Los Alamos Lab in a routine inspection of some new building material, radioactive rebar. For years you could see these abandoned half-completed buildings sticking up.

  13. The story that I heard said that the material inadvertantly set off detectors at a lab facility as the delivery passed through the gate (Many of the Tech Areas have such detectors to prevent spread of contamination. Even the city dump checks incoming garbage trucks.).

  14. In addition to the other comments, the "tumbling" part mixed and aerates the material, promoting aerobic microbial activity that you want. Compost that is not aerated can have anaerobic activity that can give undesired results. The mixing helps compost decompose faster and more uniformly.

  15. Those guys bother the hell out of me with them handling these plants with their bare hands, and standing around that Gympie-Gympie plant without protection.

  16. Does all that artificial light cause algae to grow?

  17. The printer finished instead of blowing up and demanding for extra 200$ ink?

  18. My printer would stop all functions, including scanning and sending faxes, if it doesn't have enough cyan

  19. There had better be some damn pockets inside all that!

  20. TIL that the plural of pterodactyl is pterodactyli

  21. The fish are really tough. From an earlier article:

  22. Well... Doh, that's why Goldfish used to be such a popular "bowl fish", most people even today -who aren't aquarium enthusiasts, don't know that the aquarium water either has to be changed or aired regularly and that a fish will drown in water too if the oxygen level in water drops too low. The only fish that don't have this issue are Lungfish because they can breath in both land and water.

  23. The labyrinth fishes, such as gouramis and Bettas, also can get oxygen from the air. Catfish can get sufficient oxygen through their wet skin. But I don't think they can beat goldfish for sheer toughness.

  24. And then carve a slice of bean, too.

  25. The package should come with a little bag of Cheetos powder to season them.

  26. It was inevitable. I mean kudos for mostly destroying the country along the way...but goddamn it was inevitable that they would turn on each other. Fucking treasonous bitch morons.

  27. Here's the face of any ideology that depends on purity of some kind. In the end, there is no one who has sufficient purity to be acceptable, and therefore everyone within the movement potentially becomes an enemy

  28. The police should simply make an announcement that they will be sure to have Trump in an unprotected location, so he will definitely die when a bomb goes off.

  29. I have lately found myself asking what it is that we actually expected of the "good Germans" in the 1920s and 1930s. When we think about the time travel hypothetical for preventing World war II and the Holocaust, options always come down to killing Hitler in one way or another. But there were decades during which perhaps other options might have been pursued by the people living at that time.

  30. This group is supposed to be made up of military, right?

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