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  1. Love the LED strip! What kind is it?

  2. Not OP but go for idizyfab over phanteks. The LEDs are brighter and truer to most other RGB.

  3. Reminds me of Rex (Diedrich Bader) from Napoleon Dynamite

  4. My kids, being redeyed in photos, wasting money on a temporary vacation only to return to the same mess, but hungry or agitated.

  5. I've got x5 nfa12x25 and a u12a, all chromax in the same case, cooling a 3600XT with all the motherboard overclocking possible. I notice an audible noise with everything set to 900rpm with intervals for key potentially hot areas like the vrms, chipset, gpu to ramp up as necessary. While working in dead silent I can hear it a bit, while gaming I always use headphones and if I opt not to, I couldn't hear it over my shitty monitor speakers.

  6. As others have said, work on not giving a crap about what other people think. It's super healthy for your mental well being. I know that's easier said than done but find empowerment in being you, love yourself and keep that goal at the fore front.

  7. U12A for versatility alone. I bought one and it'll be carried over to my next build and next build until it no longer cools adequately. It's a beauty in chromax

  8. Ah yes, the squeakiest wheel at it again, compelling speech and now where we eat.

  9. Next time, take your bait off, and use your line to measure the bass and cut it at its length. Shove that line in your pocket and measure it later.

  10. Depends how pressure the fisheries are and water clarity.

  11. Looking for someone who's added a motor to a wilderness systems recon 120 hd and uses the pedal drive.

  12. The epitome of eff around and find out. Stop simping for this adult, who knew where she was and act like the rules don't apply to her. Entitlement is the devil.

  13. Don’t buy a Nissan Rogue. The CVTs are known garbage. They have lost a class action suit in the US but unless you push the issue with Nissan Canada a dealer will charge you over $7000 in Canada to fix it out of warranty.

  14. You should specify what year. My 2016 was rock solid and so is the 2019 that replaced it.

  15. Lake Simcoe smallmouth bass, access to many beaches, farms and their markets. If you're a cottage goer or enjoy anything north of Barrie, you beat the worst part of traffic. You have access to downtown via a 2 hour train ride.

  16. The justification for the Emergency Act in this chat is disgusting and undemocratic.

  17. Intuitive Angling With Randy Blaukat.

  18. Another buzzer outta Uncle Randy's fishcave. He's awesome.

  19. There's a bass fishing forum,, they've got a healthy thread for deals and the community is really solid.

  20. I upgraded from a 3600 to a 5800X3D and saw huge FPS gains in a lot of games. It's pretty crazy.

  21. Are you playing at 1080p cause your post is kinda misleading for those on a higher resolution and therefore GPU bound.

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