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  1. Congrats on the people who were accepted. I’m too nervous to check the portal myself so I’ve been avoiding it. I’m hoping I get an email eventually.

  2. I mean I did hear about someone who just wrote “I love Donald Trump” over and over again and it ended up backfiring on them. But when you think about the personal responses you give to a university when you apply, they already have your writing. It could be used to verify you actually wrote those responses but otherwise I can’t really see it having an impact on your admissions…. Unless you write something absurdly stupid.

  3. In the Letter of acceptance it says to refer to the date on the acceptance package but it doesn't seem like there is any identified date on it. As well, the website has not been updated for the upcoming school year it is still using 2022-2023 dates and it says last year it was due May 15th so hopefully this year is similar! The education programs officer answers pretty fast you could try emailing them!

  4. Hi there. I received an email about a zoom call on April 27th regarding first year classes and placements. I’m in the I/S section, but I did to a bunch of research on it. If you have any questions I’m happy to answer them.

  5. I’m still pending at every school I applied to. 😔Ottawa, TMU, Queens, Osgoode, Dal, UBC and UVic. Can’t say I’m feeling great honwsrly

  6. Same boat. Ottawa, Queens, Western, Windsor and TMU. I applied late in the cycle so I’m not optimistic. Maybe I’ll get lucky 🍀! Good luck to everyone.

  7. I applied late too but I didn’t think that would mean we didn’t stand a chance :(

  8. All you can really do is focus on what you can control. If you gave it your best shot then at least you tried. Even if you don’t get in this year, you can have a jump on next year. That being said, people get acceptances in like August so be prepared to act if need be. Good luck to you!

  9. I’m just checking OSLAS because I’m too chicken to log into the specific portals and face a R 😂

  10. So to be clear it doesn’t sound like you traded in the device. Big carriers offer a discount on these devices in exchange for you “leasing” the phone. In this instance it appears that Bell gave $500 off the cost of the device applied to the monthly financing on the condition that you returned it. If you had kept or sold the device Bell would have billed you for $500. In the future I’d always look at what the resale value of these devices are because you can often profit off it. For instance, I sold my wife’s 12 pro max for $780 when the lease amount owing was $600.

  11. I had to take Quantitative Methods in my undergrad and that was some pretty intensive math. I think I might look up EQAO problems from Grade 6 and even Grade 9 and just do a ton of practice questions to prep when the time comes.

  12. I’m planning to accept the Lakehead I/S offer I had. I was rejected from Windsor, waitlisted at Brock and Laurier and deferred from Trent. I wasn’t sold on them until I did some digging. Lakehead allows you to do your practicum at most school boards. Trent on the other hand does not. I’m from SW Ontario and would rather try to get my foot into a board there. Hopefully that helps other people with their decisions too.

  13. I thought Lakehead was a lower tier school but I ended up accepting my offer there because of their placement options (international partners in your last placement) and their small class sizes. I think people don't want to go because of "the winters" but the program gets better every time I look into it.

  14. They’re definitely easier to get into. But I mean, tiers don’t really matter in Ontario. It’s not a US law school. At the end of the day it’s still an undergrad. Most places won’t care where you did it, just that you did do it. If I could go back to 18 I would have saved my money and went to the cheapest university I could find, rather than going to Western because I thought it was a party school. I’m 30 now and couldn’t care less as long as I get a decent education.

  15. Another issue is that this test has nothing to do with law school. When I got into law school, I saw and felt that the lsat was a waste of time. The LG section especially is pointless.

  16. There are revisions coming to the logic games. I don’t know what they’re going to look like but likely by June we will see some significant changes.

  17. Thank god cause I take the test in November!

  18. If you are curious, it’s because of a lawsuit from 2017. A blind applicant (whose name I’ve forgotten) sued the LSAC because he couldn’t benefit from diagramming. Ideally they would eliminate the games and add another LG or RC section but I’m doubtful that will be the case.

  19. How? It appeared when he took office? That’s not correct. It’s only in Ontario? That’s also not correct. This issue has been growing for years. A full decade at least.

  20. I agree. I’m not a fan of Ford at all, and I certainly didn’t vote for him but it’s a little reductive to assign blame to him. If you recall, following SARS hospitals had agreed to maintain a pandemic supply. This was under the Liberals. When COVID hit there were no supplies to be found. I truly am worried about the state of our healthcare in the coming years. My spouse is a Registered Nurse so I can rest assured that I’ll always have some access to care but that’s simply not the case for others.

  21. Thanks for the response. I didn’t see that originally. I had the LSAT score preview so I had to select to keep the score before it would show.

  22. I’m still at applied. Although I wrote my LSAT in January so I’m not counting on getting a response right away

  23. Provided you did not “lease” the device - the Device Return Option where you bring the phone back at the end of the contract, Bell does not really care what device you use. If it’s Blacklisted or not compatible on their network that’s a different matter but if you want to sell your S22 Ultra and buy a S23 Ultra through Samsung the company does not care. If you’re paying for device protection I’d suggest cancelling it- Bell will refuse to cover the S23 Ultra. Another note- if you did lease it, there’s nothing stopping you from selling the device and paying the penalty (provided you can get more than the penalty for it)

  24. It’s honestly not a big deal. I did mine right before my LSAT. Most follow a fairly predictable pattern of 2 options: one is the traditional route with a high chance of success and the other is a high risk high reward. Most schools don’t really look at it so I’d say just do it as soon as you can. Hope this helps!

  25. Another thing to consider… are you Canadian or American? Because my card charges a foreign transaction fee to US currency.

  26. I also wrote for my first time Saturday. I assumed the worst previously and am writing again in February. Other than Saturday night I’ve continued studying. I hope I won’t need it but I’d rather be safe than sorry

  27. I hope not 😂 I had a pretty good feeling for most of it. Probably blew the logic games though. Here’s holding everyone does well!

  28. I actually found the LR and RC to be pretty easy. It’s the Logic Games I’m worried about. Hopefully we all did well!

  29. It was a fuck fuck game. That’s what it was.

  30. I feel the same way. Those were some tough games. It’s also my weakest section so we will see

  31. I only really struggled with the logic games. I’m not really as comfortable with them as I would like to be. I found myself easily finishing every other section with 5-10 mins remaining at least. Hoping I did well on those to compensate for a crappy LG section.

  32. If it makes you feel any better I haven’t necessarily done that many full practice tests. I work full time so it’s been difficult. But my study package allows me to drill specific sections. So I can do 4 LG / RC and the LR questions in a 35 minute window. I’m also writing today but I spent a ton of time reviewing the fundamentals. Good luck!

  33. I’ve been studying on and off for a few years and while I initially found the powerscore books to be pretty good the core of 7Sage is definitely worth it. It’s a huge time crunch but I moved ahead leaps and bounds from it.

  34. I usually find I do the first few and then skip ahead to the harder ones. If you find those are too difficult then scale back. I also like to go back and “redo” them in a few days just to make sure I’ve got a good understanding

  35. LOL, funny you mentioned Ford. The only person I know that has a rusted out vehicle had a Ford F150. The F150 is just used as a passenger vehicle also, not a work truck.

  36. Yeah I’m sure it’ll rust out eventually. But at least I’ve got the warranty on it for now. That’s the one thing I think might be worth it.

  37. Say no to extended warranties of any kind.

  38. I find the rust proofing could be worth it. I think it was $700 from Ford and covered it for 10 years. I did the math on having it undercoated every year. Other than that most of them aren’t really worth it

  39. You don't need a new phone every year, with BYOD plans your not locked in so you can always go with the best deals

  40. I second this. Most carriers offer a decent discount if you bring your own phone. Depends on which carrier what the cost generally is. Bell, Rogers and Telus all offer “unlimited data” with higher buckets. They cost more but you can’t go over. The sub brands like Fido, Koodo and Virgjn all offer cheaper BYOD plans but have less data and don’t offer Canada/US plans. I find switching every year usually yields a decent offer.

  41. If it makes you feel any better through our shared suffering, I just ripped their customer experience supervisor a new one. Had 3 agents all give me different information, each of which promised me the item I needed was out for delivery. It wasn’t until the last agent I spoke with that they finally admitted that they weren’t sure when it would be delivered. In the future I’ll stick with Fedex or UPS. It’s astonishing how poorly that company is run.

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