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  1. Let me guess, those missiles are positioned on top of civilian infrastructure?

  2. Actually no,there weren't any people that got hurt since Israel let them know in advance that they're attacking. That's why there were many international reporters ready with the camera.

  3. Thanks. Indeed an SA-7 has a very miniscule chance to take out any fighter jet the Israeli air force currently operates.

  4. If it comes too it I will replace the motherboard but going to try literally everything else first as I am a poor boy and don't want to shell out for a new motherboard lol

  5. SSD is new.and in good shape haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary with it. I do have a secondary HDD with only games on it but from my tests the crashes happen no matter if I games off my SSD or HDD.

  6. I recently bought an AMD Graphics Card from and the Graphic Card Drivers are garbage compared to NVIDIA Graphic Card Drivers . I like my AMD CPU bought , but AMD doesn't put much effort to making sure the drivers are good for graphic cards. The MSI RX 6700 XT Mech 2 was a total nightmare. I was constantly reseating it and checking power supply and was still tripping out VGA Error. I went back to NVIDIA after realizing I wasted money on this thing.

  7. They have higher errors and failure rates than Nvidia but generally speaking they work fine. You just had a bad GPU tbh.

  8. Actually the number of civilian casualties in all of Israel's wars is dramatically low compared to Vietnam,Korea,Laos Iraq and Afghanistan. Infact most Israeli air strikes are aimed at property and not human targets. Israel doesn't use artillery against Gaza or unguided munition. Israel has roof knocking and other means to contact people to evacuate.

  9. What would happen to Mexico if they fired over 8000 rockets at the U.S? What would happen to Mexico if they go to war with the U.S and lose territory? What would happen to Mexicans living in American occupied territories? What would happen to Mexicans in America as a collective if they decided to wage a Jihad against Americans? Oversimplifying such a complicated and long conflict to paint one side is the villain doesn't make you correct.

  10. could a gpu have faulty temp readers? bc i felt the backplate and it doesnt seem too hot for 110c but maybe thats just me

  11. yeah ill try contact the place i bought it from and see what i can do

  12. Hey I am very much interested in doing something similar to my 6800. Fan profile needs work but I think it couldn't hurt to have a better thermal material under the heatsink for this card. Did you get yours from Ebuy7? Also, did you see any changes over the last two weeks?

  13. I got it from AliExpress but I did get a good batch. It was before Linus made a video about it so in hindsight maybe get it from there.

  14. B650 Auros Elite is the best deal rn in my region at least and it's enough for the 7700x.

  15. Turn the advanced slider on and try -1090mv People never really use the % bar.

  16. No but putting a bunch of thermal pads and heat sinks on the backplate with airflow over them helped my 3090 vram temps lol

  17. Looks like a 6800/6900XT. I just installed a waterblock on mine. The backplate, does come with thermal pads for the GPU backside. So there must be some merit to it.

  18. Nooo it's normal for your CPU to reach 90°c just put on headphones 🤓🤓🤓

  19. CPU bottleneck. There's not much you can do other than upgrading your CPU.

  20. I’ve been looking at the 3060 to pair with 3900x b550plus and this is just stupidly annoying. I assumed the 8gb would be better being newer and folks say the 12 can’t even use all 12. Anybody got a better suggestion. A 2 series?

  21. Yeah. RX 6700 XT (or the non-XT if you can find one cheap) Or RTX 2070 Super (used or refurbished) The 2070 Super is faster than the 3060 12GB anyways.

  22. El captain something. It was built into the case I bought. Genome 2.

  23. Idk about their liquid coolers but their air coolers are very good and I've been using them and recommending them. I don't think all their products are bad. Which AIO was it?

  24. Does that mean its optional to use the 3rd connector or do you need all 3 to be connected?

  25. It's not optional. But the differences are quite small and tbh it's good to have the OC potential.

  26. It doesn't, 6900XT performs about the same as a 3080ti in GTA 5 which is expected performance.That Might be case for old AMD gpus

  27. Yep except during night time when the game suddenly becomes CPU bound presumably due to the lightning for some reason. I've played GTA 5 enough with my 5600x/3060Ti/6800XT and it's a well known issue that with AMD CPUs and GPUs the game runs like shit during nighttime in the city. I was getting like 70fps in franklin's house during night time when looking at the city with a 6800 XT and about 188 fps during the same scene on day time.

  28. Typical Zionist behaviour,kill a man for trying to take your gun away to give it a good clean and lubing.

  29. I see, is it generally advised to undervolt this particular CPU anyway? I’m a complete novice, this is my first build, so I don’t know what I’m talking about.

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