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  1. I cant believe this is an actual post. Jesus Christ. YOURE MOM JUST DIED. And youre worried about what your supervisor will think?

  2. Yes you do. After 12 hours they can’t make you work any longer.

  3. I can't wait until the A&E Bloodline documentary. This might be the greatest storyline of all time. Jey has been absolutely fantastic from the beginning.

  4. It’s a great line. But the underrated line is where Cody basically told him “you feed your family, that’s cute. Me and the Bucks feed the business.”

  5. Kinda like when Nash had his feud with Punk and explained getting guys guaranteed money when he jumped to WCW.

  6. And we all know who would win Game 7 in heartbreaking fashion. 😢

  7. No wonder Nia Jax pushed the #savethechildren campaign so hard. Her poor cousin!

  8. "Why would I deliver an empty package if I stole it." My thoughts exactly. Props to you sir. Kept a cool head in that craziness.

  9. Not everyone deserves to be on the card. Nobody cares about the Andre Battle Royal and multi-man filler matches.

  10. So you can't bet on this fight? Or at least multiple sportsbooks aren't allowing it. If that doesn't prove this shit is rigged. Paul by TKO 100% 🤣

  11. I just hope whoever his next opponent is, it actually impacts them in some type of way.

  12. Pretending that bray isn’t popular is an insane take even for this sub.

  13. Of course he's popular. Doesn't make the complaints about his storylines never going anywhere aren't valid.

  14. Yeah that's the big problem for me. What's the point of doing 4 weeks of mental trickery and spooky shit if LA Knight is gonna lose the match and come back a week later with literally 0 change? I love Bray, he's one of my all-time favorites...but the character doesn't work if his opponents don't change because of it.

  15. I love Bray too and hate to see alot of people shitting on him, but something's gotta give. The Funhouse was fun and entertaining but when there's literally zero consequences to his opponents, it makes all of it meaningless.

  16. It's a work, the Montez push has reached its next level! This is gonna be a great ride... if they don't ruin Dawkins in the process.

  17. To help you with stuff like this, if he had suffered a concussion or neck injury they certainly wouldn't have lifted him up and weekend and Bernies'd him from the ring. You would see a stretcher and a neck brace if there was any possibility he was properly hurt like in real sports.

  18. They also wouldn't show a replay and show him on TV being carried out.

  19. Nerve of people. Stood you up & has the nerve to be mad at you. She could of contacted you on IG 🤦🏻‍♂️

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