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  1. It’s posts like these that make me miss my SMWS membership. What a one in a kind bottle!

  2. I took up a subscription in 2020, kept for 2 years and gave up. My main issues were:

  3. I agree with a lot of that. I also had my membership 2020 and ultimately dropped it because they hardly have peated whisky and when they do it’s overpriced and sells out within minutes of release. It was definitely a cool thing to have while it lasted, but ultimately, I’m happier without.

  4. Penicillin for the win. It’s a beautiful balance of honey ginger simple syrup, lemon juice, blended scotch, and a float of a heavily peated scotch. Spectacular, and you can adjust the sweet to sour ratio by tweaking the recipe a little.

  5. Honestly, it’s basically medicine! Ever try one warm like a Hot Totty? It’ll warm your soul when you have a winter cold.

  6. Can’t go wrong with a scotch Manhattan or Old Fashioned!

  7. Very cool bottle review buddy. I’ve never had a SMWS benromach

  8. I was impressed with how good this particular bottle was!

  9. I go back and forth on it. On one hand I don’t really care because it’s flavorless/odorless, so it’s all just about experience. if I feel more fancy drinking a Dalmore king Alexander because it’s so dark, that DOES add something to the experience that isn’t negligible and should be a positive - whiskey is more than just flavor, smell, tasting notes, giving it a score, picking it apart… it’s also about how it makes someone feel!

  10. I agree with you in many ways. The thing I don’t like about artificial coloring is that it gives whisky an appearance consistent with certain maturation that the whisky may not have undergone. Time, cask / finish type, etc. It would be like if I wore a muscle suit under my clothing to give me the appearance of muscles without having earned the actual muscles through hard work at the gym. It just feels a bit like “cheating.”

  11. How about “NO COLOR ADDED.” That seems like it would cover it.

  12. Hey guys, I want to buy my friend a nice bottle of scotch for letting me stay with him and his family in Florida. I live in NJ, so I want to order something online and have it shipped. Any recommendations on US websites that sell scotches online?

  13. I have used Fine Drams with success multiple times

  14. Nice review. I’ll admit, I’ve never even heard of Cameron bridge! It’s a Diageo brand?

  15. Yep, a grain distillery that they use in their blends primarily. The largest, according to this:

  16. Excellent whisky right here. I wish they were more available.

  17. Very nice reviews! Man, I wish I could get Springbank bottles easier by me. Especially after COVID, they are so scarce here in NY. Longrow more so.

  18. Nice review! I had a sample of this a few years back and was really impressed. Compass Box hit it right on this one.

  19. Springbank is an excellent distillery and they really do production right. I just wish they got more bottles to the US. I barely ever see a Springbank bottle on the shelves here.

  20. I just found 2 at my total wine for 140 each after having a highland park 12 cask strength in my hand. I had to put it back and get both springbank 15s because of how rare they seem to be. Boy it was hard to put that highland park back though :/

  21. That’s a bold move and a bit of a break in tradition. I won’t count out any whisky just because it’s NAS. However, I do begin to get a little skeptical of NAS bottles being sold at high prices. A big component to bottle price is age. More age = higher price, generally. So when a NAS bottle costs what an 18 year old whisky costs, I give it a little side eye.

  22. Great review of this excellent whisky. Lagavulin does amazing things with these special releases!

  23. OoOo very very nice bottle you got there friend. Bunnah goes above and beyond with these special wine cask finished bottles.

  24. There's no colourant in ledaig 10 The only difference between previous releases and newer is casks. Whether it's more first fill used or just more active casks but they are made pretty much the same way and same cask types used

  25. There was post here a few days ago where the master distiller for Tobermory chimed in and confirmed it!

  26. Wow. I'm a Ledaig fanboy and I feel so inordinately validated by learning this.

  27. I’m the master distiller (in charge of all whisky making ) at Ledaig plus Bunnahabhain, deanston and Tobermory. We do not use spirit caramel in any of them. If you message me on Instagram - mcc_brendan or LinkedIn I can reply to prove it (brendan McCarron)

  28. I had to make a deal with my wife. For every bottle of scotch I buy, she gets to buy a new dress or a new pair of shoes. Good thing she has a 70 square foot walk in closet, lol.

  29. Worse than that, I hope your wife isn't reading your reddit posts, lol. Sounds like we have the same hoarding gene.

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