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  1. Tbf the final boss of Skyrim is Karstaag and he is a good reason to hoard healing

  2. You're on a sub about a character who makes Asta look like Rorschach

  3. I didn't watch black clover and naruto ain't that loud

  4. When he was a kid he was, but he got more serious in Shippuden

  5. So... Batman and the Joker have both blown Barbara Gordon's back out?


  7. And they even say DKT Tanjiro can solo Yoriichi. It’s just pure stupidity at this point.

  8. After all Prime has seen I'd imagine he wouldn't get down on his knees and mentally the only thing he's down with is the sickness

  9. It's 2023 and the fact that the LGBTQ+ isn't seen as just normal (because it is) is disgusting

  10. We straight people have no power against those who can steal a rainbow from God like some kind of Gaytos

  11. This kinda mentality is the modern black kids in school scenario

  12. I just think it has too many dickriders and too many "I hate it because it's popular"

  13. I wish there were more quests similar to this in that you can find multiple ways to accomplish the goal without glitches but just thinking outside the box. I’m sure there are others but not very apparent ones.

  14. When you see a flute and then you remember everything that happened

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