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  1. I started it, and for a while it was good, but then I started to play multi-player and it sort of killed it for me. Just the repetitive shoot and strafe, shoot and strafe, throw a sticky nade, repeat.

  2. It's GAM/TAM in the bag. Unless Pachuca came in with the $6M they wanted, I'm sure some other team had good offers for him.

  3. If that's the fee, sure do it. They made out like a bandit there after a $2M transfer from Millonarios.

  4. What are you doing, LA? You take that any day of the week.

  5. I would be annoyed by the finger smudges and grime it would build up on the finish.

  6. The Galaxy are cheaters and deserve any hardship they receive this season.

  7. Now it depends how he responds for the next six months if he is committed or sulks.

  8. Ibanez inlays, India made with an arrowhead headstock.

  9. Sabbi is a very infuriating player.

  10. Yeah, this is much more what we're used to. Just bad soccer all around.

  11. That field looks loose. Nobody can hold a footing.

  12. Needed one after sending Lowe to Philly, team is looking nicely, just need finalize signing Pozuelo

  13. Pozuelo seems unlikely at this point. I think we run Bryce Duke as our chance creator this first half until the summer transfer window.

  14. Werent you linked to a u22 Brazilian player named Mauricio? I think he’s more likely than Pozuelo.

  15. That is absolutely gorgeous. Love maple necks on black or white guitars.

  16. Yes. They can go for as much as $300-400. If all the electronics work and the neck is straight, bridge parts hold the string in place, meaning the saddle blocks and saddle screws aren't stripped or worn to bits, it's a very good price and well worth it.

  17. Back when I was a meat eater, the best toasted sandwich I had in Miami was Sarruchi. I think there are two locations. One near FIU and one on 8th St.

  18. In Yoda voice: "No. There is another one."

  19. Someone once said Florian Jungwirth was their spirit animal.

  20. F- perspective, she should've thrown down on his reckless ass. Or somebody should've. There's a dude in dire need of a lesson.

  21. Oh, the thing was that I was playing in their group cus one of their guys was missing. I kid you not, the entire group was slide tackling to mame and dismember.

  22. Yeesh. Those are the kind of people I just can't see myself playing with. Like, I don't care how much you love the game, I don't love anything enough to take stupid risks with my body playing with irresponsible d*ckheads like that.

  23. And get hired two or three counties over.

  24. Maybe he wanted to be two David Beckhams.

  25. It looks like a kitten and it also looks like it wants to say, "I'm too old for this shit".

  26. NYRB were initially the top team in the Red Bull family, but now play third string behind Leipzig and Salzburg. They consistently make the playoffs with pretty much only talent from their academy. Any decent players are sold to Europe almost immediately, and they do not go out and get high-end DPs.

  27. Except this year they might if they get Dante Vanzeir from Belgium at $5M+. I mean, they've been cheaping out at striker since BWP left and it has not materialized.

  28. Shit, he's definitely right how schools have let us down based on that writing.

  29. It's a dumb, but fun, take on the Jack Ryan-type character trying to find their footing in an unusual space.

  30. The show itself is mostly uninteresting but Noah Centineo just oozes charisma and is a really fun as that character

  31. Yeah, he nails the overconfident, lovable rookie way over his head.

  32. $2M for a 28-year-old Dmid from a B-tier South American NT?

  33. A) $2M isn't much for arguably the best d-mid in the league, and it's even less when you consider the money is split with the league

  34. Turkey might not be top 5 in Europe, but it's a good league, top heavy a bit, but it would give him access to Champions League or Europa League, which would be a better competitive experience for him. Sure, he probably doesn't crack into a top 5 league after that move, but there have been plenty of players that have parlayed a move from there (like Kyle Larin just recently).

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