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  1. Well, yes. Technically the Sea Emperor is dead too, (at least the ones her size) and it is a creature in 4546B’s history.

  2. One of the Sea Emperors is dead, an important member of the species but that's only one. The species isn't thought to be nearing extinction nor is it presented as an issue for the babies. Just because the oldest specimen is done that hardly means the babies won't reach her size xD

  3. Proof? Or at least a credible source that isn't something that is unsourced on the wiki? Because none of the PDAs state the Sea Emperor the Precursors captured was the last one.

  4. That's a nice collection! I've been meaning to get the OG Mighty Joe Young for a while now, how's it compare to the Son of Kong and Kong?

  5. Better than the former I'd say, but doesn't touch the original King Kong, though out of everything King Kong inspired or followed the Eighth Wonder's wake, MJY is the best spiritual successor. I'd say it's more sentimental, heartful and animated and overall less cynical.

  6. It's a bit of a shame how no one's brought up Braindead/Dead Alive, considering its connections to Skull Island through the Sumatran rat-monkey (which we see caged in the 2005 film).

  7. Kong just having an Axe in the 1st place is plain stupid. Not to mention it came from hollow earth, that concept is also stupid. Mechagodzilla showing up, stupid. The whole movie is plain stupid. It also lied to us, the preview said "one will fall" and neither of them fell. They teamed up to fight mechagodzilla.

  8. Kong did not lose. They teamed up to fight Mechagodzilla. Where did you even get that from?

  9. ...From what we saw on-screen? Like, Godzilla tossed him around a city, dislocated an arm and clawed his chest then stomped him there, nearly killing him. That signaled the end of their fight, leaving Kong in a near-death state.

  10. "According to several behavioral measures, Coren says dogs’ mental abilities are close to a human child age 2 to 2.5 years."

  11. Ah, you mean if we go with Reapers being like 2 year old human infants, ok... I think there are other studies that put dogs on the same level as 6 to 8 or even 10 year olds, which isn't too surprising given what some of the smarter dogs are capable of.

  12. I mean, the PDA is CLEARLY bias and just being mean to the Reapers because they got ate one too many times.

  13. I don't know if I am to take that statement seriously after that whole "PDA is CLEARLY bias" thing xD, but still, I mean dogs constantly rank among the smartest animals on Earth, the connection they share with us make them that smart by nature (and canids in general are already very clever).

  14. Dang, you must've been lucky whenever you went into the Aurora then, 'cause that place is infested with them xD

  15. Idk about anybody else but seeing this makes me worried it’s just going to be a kids’ show. I’m getting mad “Camp Cretaceous” vibes.

  16. It's done by the same studio that did the Castlevania show, so maybe.

  17. I’m fine with being tired of super hero movies, I just worry the same fate is destined for Kaiju content as well

  18. The issue with superhero movies, mainly the MCU, is that (though the fans of that might try to deny it) they're all very samey and they come out once every year (at the very least).

  19. God, I wish reaper leviathans were that large

  20. If you scan them, you'll find out just how notable the size difference is.

  21. So twice the fucking size. I didn't react well when I saw the size of a reaper so this will be fun...

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