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  1. Same hair, bad bitch energy, calcium cannons, the dictionary definition of perfection, walking talking girlbossing WMDs, they're practically the same picture

  2. This thread is making me realize Goldmary would have some delightful reactions with the GD girls.

  3. Alcryst: Your life ends. NOW! >cue lightning effects and glowing eye photoshop<

  4. Definitely counting Gilbert thighs. Shamir thighs don't count though because she goes with Byleth to Edelgard's side.

  5. Counter argument, Shamir thighs should count as she starts with the church and has a deep bond with Catherine and Rhea

  6. Shamir thighs only count if Byleth did not recruit her, so they can half count.

  7. I'd argue that Shamir thighs have more of a claim of counting than Gilbert thighs as Gilbert isn't even playable in the two closest things we have to church routes meanwhile Shamir can be recruit in both SS and AG.

  8. MirageGaogamon will be MUCH cheaper and gets a lot of support in the two sets after next

  9. On one hand, 8/10 of my favorites being Azure Gleam exclusives fills with pride

  10. What's this from exactly? I'm just now getting into X-Men.

  11. I think this was a special case since they died in action. This may also be the first public resurrection, but I'm not sure. In Marauders Pyro mentions he was the first resurrection by The Five but he didn't get all this fanfare since he was a trial run

  12. Neon gets a power-up, Niram stays on the side of the good guys, Chirami dies stupidly.

  13. I know she'll eventually get one but I'm so scared it's just gonna be something like she gets command ace around when Keiwa gets a unique power up

  14. Patamon, a flying hamster(?), becomes an angel, who then combines with an ankylosaurus, who evolved from an armadillo, to become an ancient statue, who then becomes a Furry walrus viking

  15. Ah but if someone told Dimitri about it earlier we wouldn’t be able to have conflict because he wouldn’t hate Edelgard, so the plot prevents Edelgard/Hubert from doing the sensible thing

  16. It isn't even about telling people earlier it's about Hubert not leaving a death letter in Azure Moon

  17. Warned everyone except the one man army with a personal vendetta against them as big as Edelgards who's already killed 2 of their most prominent leaders.

  18. They always hype up Jean Grey, but she always comes across as boring with no set personality. She's just whatever the writers want her to be for that story.

  19. I haven't read X-Men Red, but Teen Grey was kinda the worst. She bullied Teen Bobby into coming out.

  20. Claude could very well be bi, that would be fitting considering his character. Dimitri on the other hand, I just don’t feel it.

  21. I'm the exact opposite way, you can't convince me that Dimitri is straight but even when Claude dances with m!Byleth I don't feel like he's genuinely attracted to him, however I also have this feeling with most of his supports not just his interactions with men

  22. Dimitri. Sure claude may be my favorite lord, but something about Dimitri shows that he is clearly hiding his bisexuality. Don’t hide what you are, Dimitri!!!

  23. Everyone in Faerghus is Bi Yuri just glued the closet shut, you can't change my mind.

  24. Seems solid but I'd put Rhea in the dealer tier and give Catherine and Alois a "sees the kids smoking, invites themselves into the rotation" tier

  25. She also literally gives Byleth some weed to hand out to their students

  26. Getting cucked by an alternate version of yourself has ro be a whole new level of pain

  27. A twink is someone who screams "buy me dinner and shove something inside me" not "take my money and shove me inside something"

  28. Disagree. Ignatz has shyboi hair. Lorenz has “my hairdresser wants me to suffer” hair

  29. Ignatz has "please shove me in a locker and take my lunch money" hair

  30. Do any of them prevent her from using the three magic weapons in her inventory?

  31. The only visual difference in MOST feh fallen alts is purple flames and a stereotypically "evil" expression. Most are just the same character with the same movement AND weapon type, and very similar if not the exact same outfit/design... but again. It's really a creatively bankrupt theme if you look at the units they've made.

  32. See this is how I feel about Jean Grey. I don’t know Jean Grey. She feels like this quietly omnipotent plot device whenever she’s present. Which is a shame, because she should be more than that. (Btw I’m speaking since Krakoa started; I haven’t read the old X-Men Red yet.)

  33. X-Men Red is one of the only times I've liked Jean, it's a really solid read.

  34. They were but Wyverns have always been an axe focused class, at least in the games I've played, while Falcons have been lamce focused and Seteth is a lance focused character

  35. I hate that so much since some guys would be sick on a pegasus. Subaki and shigure use pegasi, so it's not like these assholes are allergic to dudes or something.

  36. There are bigger and more consistent war criminals but you destroy 1 city 1 out of 7 routes and you're branded for life

  37. What’s wrong with Zach Aguilar? He’s great! Tanjiro anyone?

  38. I got his autograph because he was Tanjiros VA before I knew he was Byleth's

  39. Yes, her paralogue. The guy want to marry her for her crest, and when he can't have her he try to kidnap her. With how crest transmit it's pretty clear what he was going to do if he succeeded.

  40. Thanks. I was pretty sure that's what you were referring to but wanted to make sure I hadn't missed something that big

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