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  1. I like his response, it was totally infuriating to those losers. He was waving them off like "yeah, yeah, I don't care, move along now" Best way to deal with Karen and Ken

  2. Exactly…lol! Some clown jumped on here and said I should be fired for provoking…even though I was all kinda of bitches and pieces of shit before I even waved them off!

  3. Sounds like a bad day at the office. Some folks got no adulting experience. Sorry dude

  4. No big deal just thought it would be fun to post to here!

  5. I didn’t know I couldn’t post about what I learned in todayilearned based off of what other ppl knew that I didn’t. My apologies.

  6. It’s not, I’m being facetious. It’s a tiny town in an often overlooked state. I learned it today as well. It’s ok if you learned something and no one cares. Happens all the time.

  7. 😆😆😆 I’ve been through Butte but didn’t get a chance to see or do anything. Was en route to Washington State back in 1999

  8. I never knew that was the name of it. Crazy how much it’s used!

  9. A room tarped in plastic with feces and sex toys all over the place

  10. The ppl that say they do their own research which really consisted of Facebook clickbait and other ppls shared clickbait posts…

  11. So basically TIL MORE about Cognitive bias….is that better now?

  12. I swear Jay Cutlers career was carried off in that thing….

  13. Bro, this shit straight up took me back to 2007. I never seen someone do this shit irl

  14. I’ve competed in many martial arts events and I’ve seen it a few times just never in the everyday world like this! For all those ppl that hate on striking this is a perfect example of it being done properly and what the end result can be!

  15. Is this the lady that was feeding the chimp Xanax and sleeping in the bed with it?

  16. She was actually the friend of the lady who fed the chimp Xanax. This poor woman was a friend of the family.

  17. Ok but in what way does that change what he's saying to people. In what way does that make his message wrong.

  18. And have you ever paid child support, or seen how the system works? Takes ppl sometimes decades to pay off. You are charged daily for any period you do not pay, so let’s say you lose a job for whatever reason…fired, laid off, business closes down, changing careers, etc…you are charged interest per every day you are not working…that interest accrues and goes into arrears, which adds on more interest…then you finally get a job, and start paying again, but the thing is, you’re always playing catch up. So then say you finally become successful and now you have enough money to take care of arrears…then you have ppl judging you for taking so long to pay…you can’t even get a passport if you owe child support…if you don’t know how that system works it’s hard to know why that took so long. Either way, kudos to him for getting it handled. And lastly, none of that has anything to do with what he’s saying. With experience comes knowledge. If you haven’t been through it you really can’t speak on it. (Not you personally but figuratively).

  19. Lol! I meant figuratively! I’ve known about it but never in depth like this

  20. Can’t lie, when he woke up, looked at the blunt and went back to sleep..I died lol

  21. Yea that was funny asf…I’m at work and couldn’t stop laughing!

  22. Still not as bad as having to listen to Mariah Carey’s ‘all I want for Christmas is you’.

  23. Oh. That's the one that always gets brought up in any thread about torturous execution methods. Always.

  24. Wish I had known that when I posted this. I sure wouldn’t have subjected you to the same punishment as every other person who posts this and didn’t know you have seen it before…my bad…

  25. Greenland once had no ice…so does that mean it’s going back to its original state?

  26. I am a terrible terrible person for laughing at this.

  27. I’ve been laughing profusely over this…that old lady got all in that woman’s face. If you notice they are in a liquor store. The old lady probably was drunk and getting tough w the other woman…anything can happen in a good liquor store so for ppl to assume that the old lady was the victim is a bit short sighted. That old lady could have had it coming…never know with such lack of context from the clip we saw

  28. It wasnt normal at all…I live in Omaha Nebraska and work in a suburb called Elkhorn…it was 71 degrees today. Last year same time we were blanketed in snow. This afternoon a a tornado blew through here…luckily it was minor damage, but I have lived here most of my life and never seen a day like today

  29. Yeah I live in the same area of Nebraska, same experience. Fucking scary is what it is.

  30. This is so surreal to see this. The very fact that ppl have to resort to doing things like this says volumes about where we are heading as a society. The collapse is here. And I never thought I would see this in my own lifetime. I’m half excited and half terrified to be witnessing this. Today in Nebraska, a place known for harsh winters, it was 71 degrees, then later in the afternoon we were hit by a small tornado…it’s becoming a real life blizzard world.

  31. I will never understand Americans and their fetish for weapons, like how is this guy not a walking public security threat.

  32. To me stuff like this indicates a someone just looking for a reason…he looks quite ridiculous actually…all that isn’t necessary unless you’re just waiting for trouble

  33. Just a heads up, the caption is bullshit. His whole sleeve is a tribute to Spike Lee films.

  34. I just posted a pic I seen and sat back to watch what happened…thanks for explaining that!

  35. Wow…boy…this really went further down the rabbit hole than I thought…and I have no problem w that!

  36. I say git it! Nice to see ppl kickin it and enjoying life! Nice to see during these times! What’s trashy about this?!

  37. It’s either called a Bo or a staff…saying Bo staff is saying the same word twice basically.

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