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What's the best response to "Dad, I think I'm gay"?

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  1. I hear Gary Hogeboom now has a very successful landscaping company.

  2. If I remember correctly, in Once Upon an Island’s Ghost Island secret videos, Jeff said it would never happen because when it’s cold, everyone huddles in the shelter and it makes for bad TV

  3. This one isn’t really gameplay but more so casting Urban v Rural or Urban v Rural v Suburban

  4. I actually liked the mechanic of allowing players to tactically opt out of a challenge where the person who finishes last is punished. But they would need to replace it with something other than do or die.

  5. I feel like a lost vote is much better than being eliminated

  6. The only bad part was forcing Karla to flush her idol. Her having her idol at 5 means she makes it to four and is probably not going to win fire with the physical state she was in

  7. You’re sleeping on Maryanne. That woman has the gift of the gab. I trust her to do the entire thing immaculately by herself with Cody doing a killer closing statement and we all get A’s

  8. I would be annoyed with Maryanne within 5 minutes of working with her

  9. Where is Ben from Samoa, Skupin, Queenchelle, Dan Spilo, Genre Bear, and Billy Garcia?

  10. Just looked it up and realised Taco Cabeza is not a real place

  11. I don’t think anyone knows Jesse has one idol, let alone two

  12. Do we not think he gave Cody's idol back? He did mention it during his "cover story" speech, but wouldn't Cody ask for it at some point?

  13. It’s specifically a cover story, so I think he was lying

  14. You think Cody forgot to ask for it back? That might be on brand for Cody, but would be weird, I think

  15. I don’t think he forgot rather he just trusts Jesse to hold onto it and will ask for it back once he plans on using it

  16. I think Jesse could, it just depends on who he’s sitting next to

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