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  1. XL decided to basically give the win over. No way Fnatic should have won that but Vetheo thought otherwise

  2. At this point, put in Abbedagge. Couldn't be any worse than how they're playing right now.

  3. Honestly not a bad showing at all. Was fun to watch for sure! Team pulled out some small wins here and there outta nowhere and then even got a big TF win and Baron. All that without Gori. Btw, respectable showing from Young!

  4. Young surprisingly filled in very well for Gori. At least its not Chuz subbing in lol.

  5. at least give cell a linking partner if hes on the team it'd mske him look a lot better

  6. I guess I just included him for his passive. But, he was on rotation next to LR AGL Gohan.

  7. yeah i needed some other tank for the other rotation and godku tanked like a god

  8. did you transform the f2p phy goku/gohan at any point of your run?

  9. yeah i did, like towards the end (so in the last three turns or so) i wanted that heal

  10. I'm trying your team actually, and I missed out on that heal just when RNG was on my side and got him fully built up on dodges early on.

  11. I heard they are making a new server for the whole region replacing Garena

  12. It's not one single server for the entire SEA region because of ping differences. Riot established these servers to cover the region:

  13. I am thinking of migrating to Vietnam.I live in India.Should I?

  14. I'm not sure about the ping situation there in India. Maybe migrate to the closest server from where you are.

  15. I'm a Leopard main and even as a 4-speed car, I can beat other players who look down on 4-speeds.

  16. Not really. Managed to do it under 8 though.

  17. If possible I suggest taking advantage of Gogeta's evasion in the HiPo system. I got 7 dodge in him and it's proven useful when I put him in the 3rd slot.

  18. My STR Gogeta is sadly 55%. The best I can give him is a silver level 5 dodge.

  19. I see. Hopefully you get more dupes in the future. Best of luck.

  20. I just beat Cell Max using your team. Thanks so much.

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