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  1. They're non-profit and entirely donation based.

  2. I assume it's sculpted clay or 3D resin?

  3. I would have the epistemophile icon and my wife would have the nurture icon

  4. Hey Chausp saw you posted in HoustonSocials, would be interested in starting that type of club.

  5. If you're ever up for some custom games be sure to give me a holler!

  6. Weeee-oooooo-weeeeee-ooooooo-weeeeee-oooo

  7. Personally I feel like How's Moving Castle or Nausica in the Valley of the Wind is better but oh well hardly anyone knows me or cares about my opinions as much as OP.

  8. Thank you for the interest! It is a fun game. I used to play it more and was first introduced to it at an Origins Convention in Columbus, OH with a table of strangers in the mid-late 2000s. It incorporates random chance mechanics and the in-game story changes as you flip cards. The expansions offer more replay ability. If you like D&D style games, high fantasy, building a unique character kit, choosing a hero, gathering Allie’s, controlling aspects of the board and killing monsters. You might like it.

  9. What would happen if LGBTQ2+ showed up to a church and shouted about shame on them for grooming their kids for molestation??? Just thinking out loud……

  10. I don’t go to church, I quit going when the pastors across Canada were calling on their congregation to contact our MP’s to stop gay marriage from becoming law. That was the last straw for me, I wasn’t keen on it before but my husband’s family is ChristoNazi so I was trying to believe…. Just couldn’t raise my kids that way, I want them to be able to critically think.

  11. Does that have anything to do with grooming children for molestation?

  12. Xia, Tigris and Euphrates and Ruins of Arnak would be awesome!

  13. I have a few DKC Tropical Freeze downloads but having a very hard time making them work on CEMU, can anyone help me out with this?

  14. Thanks for the submission! Will try it out sometime.✌️

  15. Art style is abit meeh but model work on a procedurally animated enemy is noice!

  16. Morrowind is not the most beautiful game ever created.

  17. Knowing "how" to get better is extremely difficult.

  18. I mean red and black seems Abit evil, be careful.

  19. Do y'all really want to go to hell that badly?

  20. Sorry to hear honestly, you'll be in my prayers tonight.

  21. I work at a pawn shop nearby and we changed our marquee sign to “Gun Buy-back depository”

  22. The guns are being dismantled, used as evidence if determined to be part of a crime or returned to a owner if stolen.

  23. What do they even base the age of the meterotie on?

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