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  1. After rewatching the clip miz doesn’t really take him out, rob tripped over him as miz was on the floor and then unfortunately stuck his arms out while falling and landed badly.

  2. I rewatched the clip and Miz gets none of the ball and it's 100% a reckless challenge on Rob.

  3. It’s still miz’s fault as he went for the tackle but it wasn’t as reckless as it seems because he only slides infront of him not completely wiping him out. Just unlucky

  4. Cineworld have one scheduled on the 12th March so I was expecting the same one for Odeon but still nothing has been listed yet so I’m starting to lose hope…

  5. I loved Enoshima so much that I spent the whole day there- ended up not seeing the rest of Kamakura. It’s very hilly, so buying the escalator ticket is worth it. I had a spur of the moment day trip to Nikko and it was lovely, though I only had enough time to see Toshiba and the abyss. (I spent more time than anticipated at the shrine, but it was the main objective anyway.) That said, Hakone is probably the first choice out of the three. My suggestion would be choose based on the weather report- if it’s overcast, you won’t be seeing Mt Fuji.

  6. Great advice with the weather in regards to the day trip. Thanks for your help

  7. There’s so many good stream memories this year but one that comes to mind is the bad photo ‘war’ between you and Blau. It was probably the most I’ve laughed this year just watching you two continuously one-upping each other after finding more and more embarrassing photos 😂. @adam_sav

  8. Hi ODEON manager here, I've checked the playlists and I can confirm what the film ACTUALLY is going to be. Not sure if the subreddit would like to know or would prefer to be surprised on the day. Let me know.

  9. I don’t wanna be that guy but if they put out a schedule and haven’t followed it at all what’s the point? Would rather them just tell us there was spontaneous streams instead

  10. Well I mean it's not hard to "run an org" when your business model is essentially "accept money from whomever provides it". They tried to run a WoW team and that failed big time. the whole Cdews thing where they tell him "yeah you join our team you'll have a job forever, come on do it, you're a friend" then like a few weeks later "we have to fire you and close this thing. it's a business decision".

  11. Wait tectone has dirt on someone? I missed that lore

  12. Can you imagine if esfand actually ended after the dinner and all we got was him running around manically yelling at people for two hours? Party street was the kind of content we wanted the whole time. What made Rich, cyr and Andy's vacation streams so fun to watch wasn't just them exploring or eating, it was when they interacted with people while getting blasted because they would always find interesting characters. That's the whole appeal of IRL streams, it's people.

  13. I think that’s downplaying how good the hachumart stream was, it really gave off the classic otk ‘the office’ vibe where they are so good at improv. But of course the drunk street aftermath was great content.

  14. Most everyone agrees that the Oscars and Emmys are awards shows that just waste time and money as a jerkoff session for celebrities, how was this award show different? If you liked this but hate the Oscars you are a hypocrite. prove me wrong.

  15. Because it was a fun event with pretty good production and with like 90% of the most popular (English speaking) streamers

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