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  1. Maybe you need to do more of setting up and going big with interesting and exciting dates. Dinner or drinks is not that

  2. All of this is a moot point ATM anyway cause a woman would need to think I am worth her time first and that just isn't happening recently.

  3. If you could shape shift, I would hope you'd pick something better than a tripod

  4. Whatever I need in the moment that fits the situation best

  5. No because it would probably kill my back and isn't worth it. My hand works just fine.

  6. Unfortunately it doesn't matter cause I know none of them want to fuck me.

  7. That's disgusting and horribly wrong. This is a stupid assumption.

  8. Just both hands on the shaft, I just want it over with lol

  9. Thanks. Also Stand and Deliver has been so fucking good, I hope it doesn't outshine Mania night 1 lol

  10. Their hair, most people are shorter than me so I just look down to speak to them, so hair is the first thing I see.

  11. Still deciding what flavor of cake to make for my birthday. But drink, eat pizza and watch WrestleMania.

  12. That isn't all guys but of course me saying this is kind of useless cause you probably already made up your mind. Some guys are just assholes, some of us just genuinely make friends of the opposite sex BECAUSE PLATONIC RELATIONSHIPS FUCKING EXIST, IT ISNT THAT FUCKING HARD TO DO.

  13. Did you know they call hoodies Bunnie hugs in Saskatchewan Canada. So would a oversized one be a Jackrabbit hug?

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