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Texas bill would ban social media for children under 18

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  1. Now I'm very interested in the search history of the people who are trying to pass this law. Most of the time a very controlling bill like this is put forth the people involved are skeevy and projecting.

  2. At first i thought that was the Santa Cruz boardwalk and they say Hella in NorCal so i thought thats what they were going for. After watching the trailer its obviously not that lol

  3. It's the Santa Monica pier, same pier that's in GTA San Andreas.

  4. Yes you are right Doesn’t deserve to be down voted It’s the truth I’ll up vote you 😊

  5. Totally true, but as ridiculous as she is I wouldn’t be surprised if her sister showed up on OP’s doorstep with her husband and a turkey baster.

  6. I would not be surprised if she demands OP have sex with the guy.

  7. The Gate has pazuzu looking creatures, but no totems as far as I remember.

  8. Any chance it's Before I Go To Sleep? although the couple lived together in this one

  9. I'd go only if I can wear a big bird outfit and I'll make sure to eat a ton of beans just before the ceremony. That instrumental music wouldn't be the only sounds going on.

  10. And weekend keyboard warriors who are obsessed with being anti woke will buy any pile of steaming shit this guy makes just to prove how unsheeplike they are.

  11. I unironically love Cutthroat Island. Beautiful scenery, super cheesy badass action, and incredible swashbuckling score.

  12. My husband and I love that movie, I never realized other people hated it.

  13. No,im stupid,lol(play some dsbm dudeee)

  14. Probably a hard habit to break having grown up in an Apartheid state….

  15. GenX is likely still working shit jobs after all these years, and nobody even notices them because GenX.

  16. It's Mary Kay, I guarantee the aunt looks like a deranged clown with botulism

  17. I worked with a woman who was a Mary Kay seller. She was the nicest person who actually didn't push her products on to people. But she looked like one of the Killer Klowns From Outer Space. I saw her every day, but would still jump in fright every single time.

  18. I heard they decided to go with robots that just lower your self esteem and make you really angry instead, they've been testing them on the police in CA apparently.

  19. He blocks the faces of the kids in 99% of the videos I’ve seen. Most of the time he spins the wheel it’s woman being called. WOMEN watch his channel but he’s misogynistic? Get over yourself lady.

  20. Holy shit, these dvp stans are just as stupid and pathetic as A's stans are. If you sucked him off any harder your jaw would dislocate. Get out from under him, kiddo.

  21. You sound miserable 🫠 we are all arguing here respectfully with valid points and you come in saying some nasty degrading creepy stuff. Get a life, kiddo 😉

  22. You're the one on your knees for a disgusting pig, what exactly do you gain stanning for a pig like him? do you get anything out of it? your parasocial "relationship" with him is what's fucking creepy. But keep stumping for a person who will never give a shit about your pathetic ass.

  23. No one claimed he did it by accident. He claims he realised his mistake, those who know him claim that also, and an experience judge who had all the evidence before him also apparently believes it.

  24. Easily offended and trying to save face? your parents were siblings? or just cousins?

  25. Abhora is the consequence. The next person to be eliminated is going to have to take Abhora home with them and must feed her and take care of her until next season when she'll return to the competition again.

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