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  1. I first found out about him through retsupurae boy what a trip through memory lane.

  2. Marked out when Samantha read out the Cody one during the ad break!

  3. You're damn right it is! I shouted Big Body Javi at him and he looked at me and smiled. Highlight of my year.

  4. Jelly. Could you smell his Big Body Cologne from your seat?


  6. Hey speaking of planes, how're the Usos getting home? Don't think they're getting on the private jet after that.

  7. Damn. He's at the tail end of three so he went through the entire trilogy in a year. That's insane to me.

  8. Yeah he really dragged it out, like in LP time it feels like it should have taken a few months at most to do them all

  9. If only the Overwatch team and Naughty Dog combined forces they could release a complete game

  10. Totally off topic but I’m going to Monday Night Raw this week in Albany after Night of Champions and I am stupidly hyped.

  11. Oh nice I'm going too! Cody and Seth are who I'm looking forward to seeing most too since they missed the last Raw here since Seth just did a pre-recorded promo and Cody was out with his pec, and yeah would be hype to celebrate Seth's (hopeful) title win.

  12. I’m a Seth guy so I’m hoping he wins it but if AJ picks it up, I can’t be too miffed either.

  13. Yeah plus with it being the start the build for MitB there should be a good amount of build there, they already said there's gonna be qualifying matches. Plus the 4 way tag should be fun

  14. What I can never understand is why can't Woolie learn through actual gameplay? Like he isn't playing anything too outlandishly difficult, yet he feels the need to spend hours practicing rather than just learning as he goes like literally anyone else playing a game does.

  15. I'm guessing secondhand sources aren't very accurate.

  16. In case of that article they article was referencing Wrestlevotes as a source, a site which is banned from the sub

  17. Konami E3 2010 supercut, I know Woolie is familiar but Reggie needs to see it

  18. Had this question yesterday, according to the wiki Urbosa is a direct ancestor but not Riju's mother. Think zora are the only ones with a wild lifespan

  19. Yeah like Riju's whole thing in BotW at least was her being a young and inexperienced ruler, wouldn't make sense if she had been born 100+ years prior

  20. I remember that when the switch and BotW first launched there was actually a period of time where the game had an attach rate of over 100% from people buying the game before they were able tog et their hands on a Switch

  21. I wonder from time to time what even happened to some of the mid 00s AVGN clones. Like I know some went nuts like Gamedude, but whatever happened to someone like Spax, is he still out there ranting about Sonic voice acting? And the Shitcube guy, is he still using a broom handle to point at all the consoles he owns?

  22. There were hundreds of AVGN ripoffs, but I don't think anyone needed to write a greentext calling out the trend when you can just post The Pissed Off Angry Hardcore Gamer's review of the Nintendo Shitcube

  23. I still don't know how he managed to get a Wavebird powered by fudge brownies

  24. Fucking Highlander forever. The show was alright, but the other six movies and the cartoon were each a baffling addition for their own reasons.

  25. How could you forget the best piece of Highlander media? The game bsed on the cartoon for the Jaguar CD!

  26. Looking back on it Mass Effect only lasted a short amount of time overall. Like ME1 came out in late 2007 and the entire series was wrapped up by early 2012. Nowadays it seems rare to get one sequel to a big RPG done in 5 years, let alone releasing an entire trilogy in a bit more than 4 years. Shame the franchise has been pretty much dormant since then.

  27. Who's "they", you mean the Bioware where nome of the original people who made ME are still employed?

  28. For his entire run in NXT I thought Grayson Waller was in his mid 20s, turns out the dude is 33!

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