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  1. My personal favourite theory is that Lightbringer isn't an actual sword but an allegory for the Nights Watch. There is some really good stuff out there drawing comparisons and similarities between the myth of the "forging" of Lightbringer and the wording of the vows of the Nights Watch.

  2. Would redefine the legacy of Brandon the Burner entirely as well. Sounds super interesting.

  3. Hightower. Live in cool high rise and have easy access to basically the Library of Alexandria.

  4. Honestly, the only curb stomp at this stage is Dayne v Bloodraven, everything else is debatable and close to 50/50 personally. Then again c'mon it's the Sword of the Morning, curbstomps is just what he does.

  5. Love the Blackfish but this should be the Kingmaker's round so easily

  6. Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. Still salty they didn’t give Percy a POV in BoO

  7. Had a smiler situation but they improved with each chapter to the point of no longer needing me.

  8. Is there a polite way to say that you misspelled ‘similar’ as ‘smiler’?

  9. Nonsensical? There’s a fic that ships a plant (which has a name) with a guy. It’s weirdly hilarious

  10. I feel like that is not what you wanted to say. If it was, well then good for you.

  11. Harry Potter and the Half Blood auror for Harry/Tonks, I didn't like the pair but this fic changed my mind completely. It's not on though, but it's easily found if you search.

  12. I can’t seem to find it. Would someone mind linking it please?

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