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  1. Not really. We lost in the first round and struggled on offense badly.

  2. Because our 2nd star was injured. We were up 2-1 and was looking good until AD went down.

  3. I hope so. This is too many damn guards. Still love getting him for so cheap though

  4. Yeah even if he didn’t look so great last year, he can hopefully be good off the bench

  5. He looked really good for Germany in the FIBA tournament.

  6. Wait, so he Pat Bev hasn’t even played a preseason game much less a regular season game and media thinks he wants out??

  7. If the deal includes Vanderbilt and Beasley as well, then I am fine with adding a pick swap with the 2027 pick.

  8. I will take one Royce oneal, Clarkson and Bogdon please

  9. Do you see Conley being added into a potential deal?

  10. I like that for the Lakers but (serious question) why would that benefit Utah?

  11. More picks for players that don’t fit their timeline

  12. Suns don’t speak for the entire fan base. I know a couple people who don’t use Reddit and don’t like that trade. Tell me why that trade is good tho, I’m open to changing my mind.

  13. He won’t tell you because it’s a bad trade LMAO

  14. Jatt has always been a gigachad

  15. Except for the Balls incident that we don't talk about

  16. Why are you being downvoted? The code doesn’t work for me or my friend either.

  17. How do you cope when the Clippers eventually fail to win a ring in your lifetime 🤣🤣

  18. Huh? You really went through my browsing history for this comment 💀💀 I’m also a Philly fan so fuck your lakers and fuck your clippers

  19. Awww you had to delete your comment 🤣🤣 How cute no matter how hard you try to convince me your a Philly fan, I know that your Clippers FAILED you and you had to resort to being a Philly fan to save your embarrassment 🤣🤣. Keep coping tho BUM. Your clippers/76ers aren’t ever going to win a ring in your lifetime. Cry harder BUM 😭😭💀💀

  20. Funny story, Current superstars Jimmy and Jey Uso (the Usos) were also confused as to why their uncle was Japanese when they watched his WWE debut on TV 😂

  21. It’s more hilarious Lakers fans are excited to get Turner & Hield, and it’s even more hilarious that they think they’ll win em a ship

  22. Find it even more hilarious that Clipper fans still have hopes of a championship despite zero final appearances in 50+ years 🤣🤣

  23. Aye man I can’t blame him I would too 🤣

  24. Does Rick Fox know something we don't? Probably not but it's still fun to speculate

  25. The problem is the Lakers will only have 20 millions in cap space. Kyrie is making 36 millions this season. He would have to take a huge pay cut to join us.

  26. Which is doubtful unless the Nets implode again and every other team don’t want him for the max.

  27. Traveling 250 days a year to smack down all them hoes raw? Dwight's dreams are about to come thru.

  28. You're the one bringing up downvotes and then saying it's not a big deal 😂🤣🤣🤣

  29. I’m saying it’s not a flex that you have 100,000 karma 😭😭 that’s just SAD 🤣🤣

  30. This guy looks like Chandler from Mr Beast and Vikk’s love child

  31. Why would he assume that? Because the entire world is at stake????? Why would you not ask for as much help as possible???

  32. Should he call in Ant-Man's ex-wife on the off chance she somehow ended up with a suit? Or hey, maybe Aunt May has a gun, why not summon her. He's not just summoning the random loved ones of superheroes.

  33. Do you think before you type LMAO. When has Dr Strange ever interacted with Ant-Man in any capacity before Endgame? And btw people CAN decline lmao. This is genuinely embarrassing. Just say you didn't watch the movies and move on.

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