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  1. You really think miz has a shot against Gunther

  2. No, but neither did Ali and even so he got a chance in a ppv, Miz has a history with the title, GUNTHER's reign is incredible but he hasn't had a feud except for the one he had with Sheamus

  3. Man you’ve successfully sold me on this, Miz and Gunther would play off each other well assuming you’re fine giving Miz another face run

  4. I guess the third time's the charm right? For me, the biggest mistake of babyface Miz (besides making him lose against Shane over and over again) is that the creatives took away his greatest quality, his great arrogance, without that he was no longer the Miz, just another generic good guy, They should have turned him into something like Johnny Cage.

  5. Cody has been a boost to house shows that are already hot, he's not popping ratings like this.

  6. WWE are always promoting Cody, they recently released Cody's schedule for the month of June, the only other wwe did that is Roman, so it is obvious that they see him as a big draw both in ticket sales and in merchandise, also raw and SD will never be the same because fox is much more accessible to many more homes than usa.

  7. Good final segment, corny but entertaining, I had no doubt that it was all a ruse and Solo was going to attack Jimmy but still fun.

  8. It's a shame they don't do anything with Ikemen Jiro, he is super entertaining and a very good wrestler, they don't even use him in level up anymore.

  9. I feel bad for how much I completely forgot about that guy until I saw your post. I always liked him too. Is he still signed?

  10. Yeah he's still signed but they haven't used him in months I'm afraid they'll release him soon, he could have done great things in the North American title scene.

  11. It would be great if LA Knight won but at the same time Montez Ford would do wonders in that match, I like that these qualifying matches are harder to predict, it makes them more exciting to watch.

  12. Vince had Drew squash Brock in under 5 minutes

  13. He also made it so that the only pay-per-views he closed when Roman wasn't champion were the ones where he lost the title, he made him lose to the Miz and never get the title back.

  14. he lost to Miz cash in after an elimination chamber + an attack from Lashley. Like idk why you think Triple H books Drew better when Vince had him firmly as #2 guy behind Roman and when Roman was out he was #1

  15. Vince was the one who decided to give the title of the #2 guy to Roman and everyone suffered for that decision including Drew, he could have given him his #2 position again if he wanted in WM 37 but he decided to keep the title with Bobby.

  16. I understand that people here don't like his character, but the reality is that the crowd adores him, if he decided to come back this week the people in the arena would go crazy, he's that OVER.

  17. Swamp cult leader Bray is/was best Bray. The overtly supernatural stuff like the Fiend had an inherent shelf life in the modern era, and is now past it.

  18. That would be true if the crowd was already indifferent to his supernatural stuff, which they're not, that's still popular in wwe.

  19. Did they say how many people will be in the mitb ladder matches?

  20. I was live at the show, and just got home. This was my first time ever seeing it live and DAMN Albany, did you come out on a Monday night?

  21. Happy you had a good time, were there any dark matches after the show went off the air?.

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