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  1. Zayn and Rhodes continue their alliance post-Mania. Slowly, Cody begins to patronise Sami because under it all he still sees him as the funny best friend to the real threats like Reigns and Owens

  2. Honestly that sounds awful. Cody is pretty OVER as a babyface and there's a lot more money to keep him that way.

  3. interesting, so you dont think the audience will naturally start to turn on Cody partway through the year?

  4. Not at all, especially not in the remainder of the year, the crowd is fickle but I think he has a good time left as a beloved babyface.

  5. Yeah I was so nervous every time it looked like the Usos were going to retain, especially when they applied the 1D to Sami, I really thought the dream was over.

  6. I genuinely would have just skipped tomorrow night if they won

  7. I would not have gone that far but I would have seen night 2 with very low expectations because the history of the bloodline is the center of this wrestlemania and of all wwe, if Roman retains tomorrow it would be even worse for me.

  8. I'm not even the biggest fan of Bobby Lashley but he deserves better than this. I hope the open challenge ends up being great because night 2 is looking not as great like with last year

  9. Seth vs Logan and the Main Event was the matches of the night for me, what a great night 1!!!

  10. I'm interested to see what Bianca/Asuka brings after Char/Rhea made a nice high bar here tonight

  11. I hope they go all out and make a statement like Charlotte and Rhea did tonight.

  12. I stand corrected, thanks man! Glad to know she was there

  13. I don't know because obviously I'm not in the creative room, but it almost feels like they realize they made a mistake with the opponents in these matches. It should've been Rhea/Bianca and Asuka/Charlotte. So instead of making best on what they chose to do, they just aborted trying to make it work at all.

  14. We made a mistake... do we fix it the best we can? nah better put it in a corner and hope no one notices.

  15. Me too and I'm glad they don't touch each other and save everything for this Sunday.

  16. Now that guys like Muta and Liger are in thereโ€™s really no reason not to. You can even have Blaze induct her.

  17. And she seems happy for the time she spent in wwe and for winning the title in a post she made on her instagram a year ago.

  18. I am glad that they are going for an arena that nxt could fill like the tsongas center (6000/7000) and not those arenas for more than 20000 that they usually use.

  19. Nobody knows for sure, according to SRS there is no indication that he has been released, his speculation is that it may be an injury or visa problems.

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