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  1. I did the same, but I did it in a very intentional way that attracted links.

  2. Attracted links to your images or pages? Or did you use H2H3H4 tags to attract them?

  3. Can I ask how you coordinating meeting up with other people? That’s maybe the biggest thing that would hold me back from getting rid of my phone completely.

  4. Very similar experience here! Slammed a brand-new phone in a car door by accident and instantly bricked it. Went a few days without as an experiment, decided to turn it into a week. That week turned into a month, and as of now it's been a year and change since I've been without a phone completely. I could write at length about the benefits, but in short it's been one of the best changes I've made to my life, and precipitated a bunch of other downstream life improvements as a result. As Bob Ross says, there are no mistakes, just happy accidents.

  5. I'm getting the Primus Lite III in today so I'll let you know in the evening!

  6. Size a little smaller than anticipated! I have 44 in pretty much every shoe but they were all a bit tight.

  7. Everything looks fine except for Oujda, in my opinion, you are better off going to Alhoceima then Chaouen then Tetouan.

  8. Since you will start from Tangier, i recommand a trekking in monte blanco and jbel tidghin. Where u'll have the opportunity to really enjoy the nature of the northen forests, the shocking silence, and those black mountains covered in ice and snow.. once you are in rabat i suggest to bike all over the city, it's the most friendly city for bikers in morocco because the infra is just great and it's also very secured comparing to intercities biking.. (no intense to scare or anything don't worry). Enjoy the food in Marrakesh and try the Hammam/ massage. Surf and dance in Saouira. Do the hot air ballon or try a safary in the small deserts/ sandboarding/ quad biking in agadir. Take your way back to Oujda and spend 2 days max there. Then hit to Fes and discover the old city. Have a good trip nd enjoy ur stay!

  9. thanks very much!! Really appreciate these pointers - I didn't even think of the forests!

  10. Had to scroll so far to find this! Metropolis is a complete work of art and from 1927 at that... Almost 100 yrs ago!

  11. tiktoxic - implanting imagery and stressful symbolism into your consciousness. That application is nothing but damaging

  12. I see, thank you for your explanation. I used to live in US in the early 2000s and I can tell that the country has changed a lot. I'm really surprised.

  13. Thanks for sharing thats a hilarious story. As an American, I know a few culty political people but in my small circle of maybe 50 friends and acquaintances I only know of maybe two that are hyper political like that. But to be fair when I'm baked after a 4/20 party like that, almost everything tastes good but it does sound gross typed out like that lol.

  14. Also no freaking joke the 1 American girl we know here in Portugal really always makes things about race, politics, social issues blah blah.

  15. Everyone deals with at least a little anxiety, a lot of times users mistake it for self consciousness/awareness, as u level up, u gain buffs like intellect, which comes with debuffs such as depression, which can be diminished by further developing the self worth and confidence trees, while spending more time outside,(hitting the gym or going on a run is great too, ur health affects ur physical health and and vice versa)

  16. intellect doesn't have that debuff unless it's a pure build - it's usually caused by low HP and other stats not worked on.

  17. Not OP but unfortunately a lot of players on my server voted to leave the EU server.

  18. darn big shame. That closed off a lot of the worldmap behind a paywall and an annoyingly tedious side quest

  19. Having a pussy isn’t an insult unless you think women are lesser, so we mayyyy wanna avoid that while roasting misogynistic assholes.

  20. Litespeed plugin on a litespeed server is meant to be all in one. Adding others will create possible conflicts or redundancies and slow you down.

  21. Google has "stricter" guidelines for anything that falls into Your Money Your Life categories. Ie a website about dental health that has an author with their credentials listed and a social following will rank better than the same site with an author that doesn't have credentials. Same with financial websites, Google will favor authors with degrees over some random person promoting financial advice.

  22. Hmm time to pad the linkedin and other bio sites which google draws data from to make the author (me) more reputable.....

  23. Google draws more data than just LinkedIn credentials. It won't work if you bluff and state you're an MBA Harvard graduate with a John Hopkins medical degree, but the rest of the interwebs says otherwise.

  24. yes but what if they grab not just my linkedin but others too! find out I'm a CEO of a Habbo Hotel, veterinarian at Neopets, Strength Trainer at Runescape, engineer at TF2 - surely Googl will send me straight to the top with my pedigree!

  25. I would guess because OP cares deeply about the work. “Shokunin kishitsu,” or “craftsman’s spirit,” is about finding joy and personal fulfillment in the pursuit of excellence and the mastery of one's craft.

  26. adsense not worth it to ruin your beautifully clean and clear page for a few dollars a month

  27. Hello thank you for caring 😊 my appartement is in martil is 70 m2 but its only worked good is in the summer because of tourist

  28. 250 dh per day in airbnb but now people don't come to rent just in the summer

  29. list also on and any other online platform and offer week or month-long stays or just offer it for free on couchsurfing/couchers - you can make some amazing connections and friends that way!

  30. Back in 2018, I started a travel blog. I made it very niche where I blogged about popular events that happened all around the world, and made multiple articles talking about what to wear/bring to those events, etc. For example, instead of talking about “my trip to Bali”, I talked about Nyepi Day in Bali. Since I was so niche, a lot of my articles ranked in the top 3 on Google.

  31. Every review I could find, found they wear out pretty fast, As we all know, dyneema is not abrasion resistant.

  32. What does Silk even feel like? I like the David Archey Bamboo boxers but they take 24 hours on a warm radiator to dry!

  33. This is pretty much my exact routine. I use the high quality panties like Patagonia or ExOfficio and also carry an emergency supply of antibiotics prescribed by my doc, in case of UTI. I do long desert hikes where water is often scarce, so bidets aren't an option, and wipes are essential.

  34. Look into rainbow gatherings. You can be offline with kind people without paying for it, too.

  35. Maybe they should eat some like chicken or roast beef of something then lol

  36. Why tell such dumb lies? What do you mean "live off the grid"? There is no wilderness in Denmark. People dress as they do everywhere in the west. Its like your idiotically riffing off 30 year old eurotrash memes, thinking they are real.

  37. You don't see the massive majority of people wearing exclusively black and in summer plain white?