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Me, 20 years ago today (3/24/03) 3rd day of the Iraq war, near Az Zubayr.

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  1. Skyrim was already 12 years ago? But why does it feel like it came out yesterday? But also why does 2011 feel like yesterday right now, but 1999 felt like ancient history in 2011? What's going on here?

  2. Anybody else remember Whirlwind at Knoebels? It was a generic Vekoma corkscrew that occupied Flying Turns' current spot.

  3. Exactly, why, as an American, I refuse to have children, or go to the hospital for any kind of reason. If I run into a major health issue, I will simply tap out instead of trying to fight it.

  4. I too had the video where Kermit sang Kokomo, but he was accompanied by the characters from the Muppet Show. I thought Kermit had come up with it, but I was about six years old back then. I distinctly remember hearing the Beach Boys song on the car radio a year later and being surprised.

  5. I just looked it up, and Holy shit! That is exactly what I was thinking of. Mystery solved.

  6. Or is it about to get a lot worse because people can now manufacture offensive content and contribute it to the person they're trying to slander?

  7. True, but then people will recognize it as a deepfake and not believe it.

  8. True, but it's more difficult now than ever to determine whether or not said action actually occurred.

  9. Wait, why does a trans person hate wokeness? That's blatant self-immolation.

  10. It's insane how this was 20 years ago already, when in 2003, 1983 may as well have been when the dinosaurs were around.

  11. To be fair getting shit face drunk at a party back in the days before cell phones and social media had very few consequences. Of course you could be assaulted or get a DUI/crash if you were driving.

  12. But nowadays though, it could easily be passed off as a deepfake.

  13. When the weather is good, there's some expectation that you will go out and do strenuous things. Crappy weather = stay inside and have fun!

  14. Yes. The whole summer is spent in the air conditioning hiding from the scare ball.

  15. It's crazy how WLLWLWW is the only 7-game pattern that has never happened in MLB. It seems like it would be pretty common.

  16. The odds of this or any other 7 game sequence are roughly 1 in 128. This is very surprising that it hasn't happened before considering the amount of games played over the years.

  17. Insane how LLLWWWW and WWWLLLW happened before that one did.

  18. I've always called them seeds for as long as I can remember, and I've been following baseball for 20+ years. Maybe it's just a you thing.

  19. Interesting. I have too, and I never heard anything from anybody, not even media, about the Giants hunting for a particular seed. It was always just “a playoff berth” and then “they will be facing the Reds”.

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