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  1. hello, im OP's sibling, here's another rendition of the little guy i remember:

  2. Can confirm this is my sib who drew the original pic! Definitely take a look at the updated/more refined version of the lil guy!

  3. Well damn. This got a ton of comments quickly. We've already deduced that its not hagar the horrible, captain caveman, the cavemen from wacky races, cousin it or from asterix. All I can really say is we grew up around a lot of late 80s-early 90s cartoon characters, but even my 60 year old dad swears he remembers him. Im honestly getting chills, he feels so familiar, its so jarring that nothing is really pinpointing him. Best medium guesses are maybe a childrens book/comic strip. He was definitely short, like a foot tall, and round like a ball. Poofy hair. Style similar to the little critter book series, hanna barbera esqe but def not captian caveman. Thanks for all the sleuthing yall.

  4. He also definitely had his eyes completely covered and a big nose poking thru the hair. I feel like that's integral.

  5. There's still A Harvest moon one in AI last time I checked! I have Farmz in a zip folder from when I was friends with Maiku, but can't remember the password to open it-- and can't get ahold of Maiku anymore!

  6. Whaaat that's nuts, there's just a password in the way? And there's no way to get around it? Thats depressing :') I miss farmz more than anything

  7. I recorded it last night here's the

  8. Youre a saint, thank you so much for this. Been looking all morning.

  9. Wow 😲 looks super realistic. Keep up the fantastic work!!

  10. Its really your first?? It looks fantastic, especially considering it your first tail. Great job!! Thats some natural born skill :)

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