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This note left on my car

I'm catching the vibration

Sometimes you just got to dance with the doots.

Hope to make it to the other side.

That was fun, but I'm glad to be back

What was he thinking

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  1. I always thought when they were out like that during the day they had rabies?

  2. Crazy part is this looks a lot better then what we got!

  3. then they wonder why they’re single? they only need to be mad at themselves.

  4. 7 if they redid the series and cut out some of the filler fix some of the story plot holes and redid all the fights of the newer animations keeping the Gundam and the plot intact I would rate it higher.

  5. What is stopping me from catching the snail in a lock top $20 plastic container, feeling sad container with salt or sugar, which ever one cause it to melting. gluing the lid, shut, taping it shut and throwing it in the freezer for the rest of my life.

  6. I had a similar thought. Dropping it in the ocean with a weight

  7. True but if you drop it in the ocean, there’s always the off chance someone or some thing can somehow open it by accident. At least when it’s locked in my freezer, I know nobody’s touching it.

  8. Officer: “Ooo what do we have here?!?” Me: “my keys” Officer: 😐😑😐 Me: “good day!”

  9. No, I wear regular clothes because I commute by bike for work. Dodging maniacal drivers who have zero concern for my life, just like all the horrible commenters here. You think people deserve to be killed or maimed just because we don't use the same form of transportation as you. I paid for the roads the same as you, so get fucked.

  10. No, you misunderstand. Nobody actually deserves to have that happened to them the ones who do deserve it are the assholes who want to use the road whether it be a bike, car or a cyclist and think the rules of the road don’t apply to them, like the guys in this video who decided to all run a stop sign! Now say God forbid somebody was coming down that road and they don’t have a stop sign and they think they’re fine to continue going at their speed. Next thing you know all those guys go through running said stop sign andand now people just died because the cyclist didn’t stop. There is a big problem with cyclist, thinking the rules of the road don’t apply to them and that’s the real issue.

  11. it’s the same if you’re in a car or a bike so why are we singling out cyclists? why are people foaming at the mouth saying they hate all cyclists and even some saying they deserve to be hurt or killed?

  12. It would be less insane and less disgusting if places actually enforced more laws on cyclists, it makes me happy to see one of them getting a ticket for running a stop sign because it never happens here. for example, in New York City, I hit a cyclist, even though they decided to run a light, when I had right away the insurance then blames me and my insurance goes up by a lot because now” I’m a liability,” or drops me all together and then I have to pay even more for higher insurance premiums or go someplace else for something that wasn’t my fault. even though I follow the rules of the road And the cyclist can also now sue me and if that doesn’t work he can then also sue insurance. I know all this because This is what happened to my brother 4 years ago. The personal suit got thrown out because the cyclist decided to run a stop sign into oncoming traffic, but sadly the insurance settled with him. The worst part about it was the cyclist attitude how it was everybody else’s fault but his. But to answer your question why I single them out because despite all this, I basically see them get away with bloody murder every day and it’s irritating because if I ran that stop sign, I’m getting a ticket. Is there using the same roads as me then follow the same rules and get the same punishments.

  13. Just so you are aware, NY is looking at adopting the "idaho stop", which would make it legal for cyclist to treat stop signs as yields, and red lights as stop signs.

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