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  1. Instant buy for me. Keanu is breathtaking.

  2. The dub was certainly worse than the seasons before it, imo. And I hated how bland Ash was. This is gonna get downvoted to heck but, as a whole I genuinely enjoyed BW more than XY.

  3. Honestly the the good part of the first 2 xy seasons were the start of s17, and the end of s18. Pretty much all the s19 episodes were good. All the gym battles were good as well as the lore episodes before or after them.

  4. Leon will make sure his Charizard knows blast burn if this happens😂

  5. And there’s me an Australian with an ounce of weed in front of me about to eat a foot long from Subway

  6. Hey now, don’t rope us Americans who have brains in with those parasites

  7. I don’t understand, it makes sense for restaurants to close when a big storm is coming isn’t it?

  8. For normal restaurants, yes. Not for Waffle House though. Search the Waffle House Index

  9. As a student tof sam o Nella I know this shit is bad

  10. Well 21 waffle houses closed for a code red, so I’m guessing not very good

  11. Yea, I mean I understand the culture preservation, but at this point it’s a useless language to learn like Latin

  12. Bruh Latin is like the 4th most taught language in the country after German.

  13. Yes but who would use it practically outside of a really strict Catholic Church?

  14. One I’ve been to was my uncle’s and they had a Mexican-USA mix wedding. Quite a bit of partying late into the night after the formal ceremony.

  15. The 5 dollar (or pound) boxes are terrific. Cheap and a decent meal can’t go wrong

  16. There is vague mention of Scarlet having a husband but no further info

  17. Yea, in book 10 I believe when cobra was hired to kill 3 guests at her wedding

  18. That's the rub - if I'm going 150 km/h and I see blue lights, knowing the fine is $5k+, of course I'm going to double down and start doing 300 km/h

  19. The op was removed but it was posted yesterday. Why don’t you show that you made it?

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