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  1. All hypnosis is self hypnosis and random thoughts are normal. Especially with the first couple of sessions. The more you judge them the louder they will become. I have a wandering mind, but I’ve practiced being an observant of those thoughts instead of controlling them through meditation. Your therapist should be able to determine your level of suggestibility and also observe your trance cues during the session. Your logical thoughts are just expressing your experience and expectations, but your subconscious mind is storing associations with no logic. You can still reprogram the subconscious mind while having straying thoughts. You’re actually always in some sort of trance and receiving suggestions everywhere you go.

  2. Myc fungus is not harmful to plants. Actually beneficial to the root system

  3. I didn’t realize that’s what it was at first. I’ve seen some fungus in my bags of soil before and used it, but it has never looked like eggs. For added context, a birkin plant I purchased recently had mealy bugs and I’ve been so paranoid. I just knew I was doomed. 😂

  4. Only know this because I posted a similar picture not too long ago asking what the heck was in my soil 😂 absolutely terrified of mealybugs as well!

  5. Ha! I love it . It is so funny how plants help me with stress while stressing me out 😂

  6. It is really a personal preference. I have a mixture of both. The pot with multiple plants is fuller and I love the look. Yours looks pretty established. I would give it some sort of support to train it and not allow the leaves to lie in water. Be sure to give it enough lighting to maintain the variegation and keep the humidity up a bit so the new leaves have no problem unfurling. Congratulations! Enjoy it!

  7. Can you tell me more about the light vas variegation? I got my first PPP two weeks ago and the pink leaf now seems blanched

  8. The light supports the entire plant but variegated plants can revert back to normal a bit faster when they don’t receive proper light. They already tend to grow a bit slower since the variegation inhibits some of the light absorption.

  9. Brasils are One of my favorites! Easy to prop and the unpredictable patterns on the leaves are amazing. 🥰

  10. Will cats chew on these? And are they poisonous to cats?

  11. Boston ferns and calatheas are non toxic. Whether or not the cat decides to choose it as a snack is another story lol 💜 I would still do your research for the best fit.

  12. It looks like the plant started making its own pot. Lol Kinda cool looking. You’re definitely gonna sacrifice some roots, but it should bounce back after a little shock. How are people missing that Op wants to save the plant AND get a new pot? 😬

  13. I bet the brief silence right after it happened was loud af. 😬I see y’all went to get more seeds though! That’s cool!

  14. We absolutely care. Now. Is that a chair cover or the actual chair with that pattern? 😍

  15. The dating pool is full of piss for sure. Why would you post someone’s home for likes? When people invite you into their space, you don’t bring company without consent. Especially not online.

  16. With that being said, I hope you left or know what you’re dealing with. 😩😂

  17. How are you getting so much growth?? I swear I’ve had a Thai con for just as long and it has not given me a single new leaf. Meanwhile my plain Jane monstera Is popping leaves left and right

  18. Luck 😂 This one has been my easiest prop. I honestly just used the greenhouse effect with sphagnum moss and sat it under a grow light. It had spider mites at one point and I lost the first leaf , but I used Captain Jacks and it has been thriving.

  19. Interesting how the rarity of plants varies from country to country. The exotic plant market is still very short in Greece. More specifically you cannot find a Pink Princess in any plant shop/nursery unless you buy it online from another country. Lately though there has been a few people who got familiar with the hobby of growing exotic plants and some of them order plants from abroad, then grow them and then propagate them and eventually sell the cuttings. This is how most exotic plants move around in Greece.

  20. The cheap ones are really not pink princesses. They are burgundy low variegation or basically reverted ones. High level ones are still rare and going for a chunky chunk in the pnw.

  21. They are definitely reverting. I did see one with a beautiful stem, but I honestly have too many ppp. Never thought I would say that. 😂

  22. Oh my 😩 you’re basically starting over, but I would much rather have established roots than not. Probably best to do “pruning” during the growing season, but you have lots of room for new growth points. Why did he cut everything off? Was it showing problems?

  23. I use Mercari and paid $60 for an albo monstera wet stick back in July. I’m on leaf number 4 of a fully variegated plant, but I also knew the risk involved. Even with an established plant, be sure to ask about pests and any issues. The prices are coming down as people who picked the hobby up during quarantine are purging their collections. Just do your due diligence.

  24. Now that’s a great find! I dream of having a fiddle leaf as well.

  25. This big beautiful fiddle leaf was in the clearance section. The ones up top were marked $30 and I asked if this big one was $30 and the clerk said “it can be.” The other two plants were marked down as well. 🥳

  26. So you just set these in a tray of sphagnum moss and keep it moist then move it to Perilite and water?

  27. I kept it in the tray, and when the roots grew roots, I added just the roots to the soil, and added a top layer of perlite to stop gnats from moving into the soil. Thank you!

  28. Am I crazy, or do those look spray painted? It’s a little glittery… Not sure if this color is natural

  29. The mermaid looking ones were definitely painted. I saw some navy blue ones and all kinds of colors. I can imagine that they won’t last very long.

  30. I totally want to do this! You gotta keep us updated on your lemon bars. Great job!

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