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It takes over 540,000$ to max out your Diablo immortal character, not 100,000$

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why Orpheus lost Eurydice

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  1. The more I read the more I'm pissed about Noah. Like dude, look at the other coaches and what they did to their team.

  2. My head cannon is that Noa is actually a very good coach, except for some reason all of his actual training is offscreen.

  3. Got any spicy recommendations? Gloom is strong and all but I wonder if there’s other stuff around.

  4. Some Muslim teacher should start praying with his students

  5. Specifically it’s a concentrate you’re supposed to only add a little of it to some water to drink it

  6. Try Void Cascade Steel path. That's where the most squads usually are.

  7. I always thought vitus essence was easier this way, would you be able to explain why steel essence is more efficient? I’m a somewhat new player and don’t have much need for kuva at the moment but I will soon

  8. Sure. Assuming you have a booster, Vitrus Essence drops 2 at a time, completely randomly. It takes 25 to get 10k kuva.

  9. That was my first response to him, that $120 is a ludicrous price point for an ENTIRE game, let alone a powerful piece of equipment.

  10. Please shout it from the rooftops. Especially beam it to the gacha game apologists that think that spending a thousand dollars on a character is a reasonable amount of money.

  11. Warframe is a fantastic game that nobody should play because Digital Extremes is chemically castrating it with slow dev times, not fixing bugs, massive goals and no intent of actually achieving them, setting the story scope out WAY to far, crafting times, way to many resources with no actual use for 90% of them, disconnected zones and content thats literally closing in on 10 years on that STILL has not been finished. 2000 hours, 9/10

  12. Warframe is one of those games that you leave alone for several months, come back, and obsess over new stuff for about two or three weeks until you burn out, then don’t touch for several months.

  13. I started wearing a pride banner in game and I got teamkilled for it today and the guy said “pride is L”

  14. Individually they’re nothing that special but the TMG podcast occasionally produces some gold

  15. Or Khora. Some people needed therapy after that.

  16. This actually is a pretty good point about Gojo that separates him from all the previous six eyes users.

  17. I'm an extremely shy extrovert and I have to say, his outward, specific declarations of affection in a private setting are this extrovert's dream.

  18. Oh hey socially awkward extrovert here, fun to see someone I relate to in the wild

  19. Ill never understand why that manga was so grossly overrated. It was bang average at best.

  20. Adult Grimm was a fanart magnet that’s about it

  21. Let's introduce a new champion and a region besides Camavor!

  22. Like how Illaoi is just a Bilgewater champ despite being from the Serpent Isles

  23. sooo what’s Akira’s role here? will she be the foil? still wondering. Im thinking she told Gojou not to fall for Marin since she’s not the type to be serious which made Gojou a bit distant from Marin. it’ll be an explosion of emotions if she confesses first.

  24. I wonder if this chapter takes place before or after Akira meets with Gojo

  25. I remember someone complaining about progress in Ch. 11 in Blue Box. I do like this chapter happening now in this series though. The last arc had a great payoff, but it felt a little stretched with its release schedule

  26. I mean considering Blue Box’s one shot ended with

  27. Being fair it seems he has confidence now he’s just dense as most manga protagonists and it’s hard to not be cause Marin teased him enough where he doesn’t see himself that way.

  28. I think he has confidence in his hobbies but not confidence in himself as a person. I still think he just doesn’t imagine anyone liking him romantically.

  29. This is pve? It’s not like you’ll be on the receiving end of this

  30. I mean imagine if a 30-40 year old man slept with his high school daughter’s friend.

  31. This is… extremely naive. There are no prison sentences for men approaching 40 who sleep with 18 year olds, and though it may be skeevy as hell it happens all the damn time.

  32. Fuck you’re right I missed the part where it mentioned he was a senior

  33. Seriously, majority are really convinced that Kashimo>Disaster curses? The wank is through the roof. Of the disaster curses, the only one I'm convinced that Kashimo can defeat is Dagon but that's due to water being a conductor of electricity.

  34. Yeah I don’t think Kashimo beats Jogo at all. We haven’t seen anything that shows that Kashimo is tanky, so if Jogo lands even one hit on Kashimo it’s gg.

  35. My clan use to teach new players LoR. The MR5 excalibur with over 30 completed runs threw me for a loop. Guy knew what he was doing just didn't wanna level MR. MR ain't everything for being a vet, but it is one of the things that shows the time you put in.

  36. I used to do hella raids when I was 14, and tbh I was pretty good at them. I could even 2 man JV with another experienced person.

  37. clan mate of mine joked "when was the last time WF was hard?" I flatly said "before they cut trials". Game could use some new raids. The fortuna heist format ain't bad but they aren't raid difficulty. I'd like to see how LoR NM would turn out in current meta that is so much less CC focused, and with overgaurd preventing mass lockdown to stop spawns as a strat.

  38. Part of me wishes that they made raids extremely difficult Destiny style

  39. I'll probably have to take this one to a jungle practice first. Do you have a suggestion for building?

  40. I imagine it's something funny like Ring of Hecate, Gem of Isolation, Stone of Fal into pure defense

  41. The waifu/Husbando factor is the only thing you really have to gamble to enjoy, because the gameplay is generally kept at a difficulty level where smart team building and good play can get 99% of the rewards available (and even the remaining 1% is doable F2P if you really focus your grind and master your team’s gameplay). On the one hand, that makes Genshin a much better game than most gatchas, because hard work and dedication can take F2P players all the way to the top. But on the other, well, it means all the people who need to make a lot of noise on social media to validate how much they did spend are embarrassingly dedicated waifu/Husbando fanatics.

  42. I wouldn’t have as much of a problem as I do with Genshin if constellations were not so unfair

  43. I mean, yeah, some cons really should have been baseline. And the weapon banner straight up sucks. For me it’s more about that fact that, in Genshin, not having (for example) Raiden C2 means she’s more of a support than a DPS, whereas in other games having a non-C2 Raiden would be the same as having no Raiden because she wouldn’t meet the bare minimum for any hard content.

  44. It’s kinda like that with some of the four stars. Noelle becomes a viable character at C6 but only then, among others.


  46. Mod rank doesn't affect the price of a mod most of the time.

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