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  1. Could you please reshare 3 day split? thank you!

  2. May you share some of them? Where are you located?

  3. Thank you. I was looking for Brett.

  4. 42-51 (almost). I don't have 47 or 49... I'd love to have 47 and 49 if anyone has them though!

  5. thank you beautiful! it's perfect! i don't have a month every now and then but it's ok, i really appreciate you guys sharing what you have :)

  6. Do you also have STRONG BY MARK CARROLL

  7. Okay so doing research for months leave the bands alone, only for doing glute medius kickbacks at a 30 degree angle, if your hip thrusting dont use bands it interferes with full hip extension for the glutes. Mark caroll glute coach program is great. Using “waterbottles” instead of bands lol.

  8. Agree. Also only doing band work maybe you can have hip pain. Band work it's only a tool to compliment exercises like lunges, split squats, hip thrust, etc.

  9. thank you for sharing!! i was looking for months! hope anyone can share with us phase 2

  10. I would recommend to follow Coach Kassem on IG, he debunks a lot of Bret´s stuff and provides way better alternatives

  11. Can I ask you why is better Coach Kassem? I suposed Bret was the best in all glute stuff. Thank you

  12. Kassem provides way more biomechanical background informations and tends to look at stuff a bit more nuanced. Also a lot of Chris Beardsleys stuff (also great biomechanic content) tends to agree with kassem.

  13. Thank you! Sometimes I hearded Bret to say that we own our indivuals biomechanics and we should try differents options and exercices and find which is better for our body. For example, frog pumps it's an exercise that I found it's not for me, don't feel it in the right muscles so i don't do it, maybe someone else feel it great!


  15. Alternate days: Full body every other day and booty on the days between the full-body days (e.g. full body on Mon, Wed, and Fri + booty on Tue and Thu)

  16. Thank you! seems to me more logical to do it alternating.

  17. I'm looking for challenge 5 female, anyone can share it please??

  18. following too.. hope someone shares it. but not very confident...

  19. I love you! I really do! And I tell you in my language, te quiero! :) :)

  20. I would love challenge 5 too! hope anyone can share it with all us

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