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Jennifer Lopez getting humbled

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  1. In that 21 days he ran a DnD campaign, ran a small business, went on the lam from an angry mob, and fought creatures in the upside down

  2. Well actually it’s pronounced Nikolaj not Nikolaj and don’t even think about saying Nikolaj cuz this is just insane

  3. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that the stoner in PCU and the dork that dated Monica on friends is ALSO the guy that created the MCU and saved the Star Wars franchise.

  4. I think out of the whole cast, that Sadie Sink will go on to have the best career.

  5. Call me crazy but I think Dr Owens might have a pretty good career

  6. Bro cmon it's barely been 24 hours 😭

  7. Ah the weekly Michael Burry predicts something that may or may not be correct, but he kinda predicted something correct 15 years ago so we will publish it post.

  8. Ah the weekly complaint about seeing Michael Burry's predictions from someone who chose to open a thread about Michael Burry's predictions

  9. Are we not gonna talk about Pedro getting on his knees to draw Sean's abs

  10. I want Nikki, but if Charlie wins the Dems nom he has my vote!

  11. Run 250 if it come out delicious and won't take forever.

  12. Who's gonna tell him "Rolling coal" isn't a personality

  13. That was a sad day in 1974 when Wade died. Respect.

  14. Plus.. two words.Merrick Garland. What makes OP think Mitch McConnell would’ve let Obama replace RBG either?

  15. Dems had 50+ voted from Jan 2009 to Jan 2015 so nothing Mitch could have done. Before you moan about how could she know she would die during a republican presidency, in 2010 RGB was already a 77 year old 2 time cancer survivor, the writing was on the wall and it is amazing she lasted as long as she did, but she 100% should have step down like Stephen Breyer did this year.

  16. I really wish School House Rock was still on so morons, like you, could have some basic understanding of civics.

  17. Dems needed 50 votes to replace RGB they had 50+ for 6 years. if you need a song to tell you that I can't help you anymore. Happy 4th be safe and don't blow your hand off!

  18. If you Venn diagram people with hyphenated names and people who buy silencers it’s probably just you in the overlap. But seriously thanks for the heads up!

  19. What are you currently using, and how often are you using it?

  20. Hey I know that guy; slicked back hair, white pants...

  21. Electronics Boutique before the rest of the mall was even opened yet!

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