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  1. If you were any more specific, you'd be writing trashy romance fiction

  2. I feel mixed. On one hand, it’s nice to have white people get all excited about your culture, but these are the same people that used to make fun of that same culture and hold their noses whenever in the presence of kimchi 30 years ago. But on the other hand, my kids will (in theory) get less racist treatment by their peers due to the popularity of K-pop, K-drama, etc.

  3. I’m an Asian woman and I definitely don’t put white guys or any race of guys on a pedestal, nor does my family. I’ve only dated Asian guys and plan to keep it that way, but I do know some Asian women who are attracted to white guys. He could be just a 4 or 5 and they’ll think he’s “sooo cute.”

  4. That' f**king messed up. Publicly outing your partner as racist for internet brownie points!?!

  5. Sometimes, I wonder if we're all just witnessing someone too stubborn to back down from a game of truth and dare

  6. I see Simu is following in Michelle Yeoh's footsteps by being everywhere and doing everything

  7. He's at least doing it all at different times, though.

  8. that an Everything Everywhere All at Once reference? 😂

  9. I'm afraid this friendship thing ain't gonna work out. I love olives on my pizza 🫠

  10. Hollywood is a very insular and (despite its liberal reputation) stubborn and risk averse industry.

  11. That Hollywood is risk averse and afraid to try new stuff? It's a well known problem with quite a few articles written about it over the years (quick google search revealed these)

  12. Does this information make sense when all the states and provinces (ex Texas) are connected through shared electrical grids?

  13. Asian men have to earn 200K more to be perceived as equal in dating value, what’s new

  14. You might have to bump it up to half a mil with that attitude lol

  15. A lot of people have already commented about nature of your hypothetical relationship so I'll skip that.

  16. I never saw it, but I did see all the merchandise the girls in my class loved to wear of it.

  17. I know you're not looking for advice, but I'd suggest nonetheless that you keep an eye on your mental health in particular. Use those apps with moderation and don't let yourself enter a depressive death spiral.

  18. I think it might be a part of an image of a quirky 'genius' that he was projecting, and investors were actually falling for it. The problem is he is not a genius, and probably not that quirky but just lazy, lol. But he could get away with some stuff other people can't.

  19. They don't want to miss out on the next Steve Jobs I guess. Elizabeth Holmes knew what she was doing when she incorporated that turtleneck into her wardrobe.

  20. The plot of Gone Girl wouldn't have been possible if that was the case XD

  21. I think signs of aging can be a reminder of your mortality. Be it balding or looking in the mirror and seeing some wrinkles that weren't there a year ago. Or feeling more tired. All those things can push you to do things that you always wanted to that you wouldn't have done otherwise.

  22. an emergency fund generally needs to be 3-6 months of income. Having a lot of savings is always a good idea, but I would not say 20k is the bare minimum unless you're living an extremely lavish lifestyle.

  23. I'd agree with you if it weren't for suprise medical emergencies. Unless you have great insurance coverage, those can be financially brutal

  24. I'm low on sleep today and for a moment thought Shao Khan had been elected XD

  25. Seems silly to dwell on it with the person you found now that didn’t know you in your youth.

  26. He's just indulging in a little melancholy over what could've been.

  27. Lol I’m older people. I mean I guess everyone has a bit of what could have been I just don’t find it conducive if you’ve found the love of your life.

  28. Perhaps, but these people usually produce the best song lyrics and poetry, so who am I to fault them for their solipsism? XD

  29. Nah, the turning point was 2008. This was right when virginity for both men and women was the same, but changed drastically for men the following years. This was right when the Iphone became common usage and smartphones changing to touchscreens. This also introduced the app store, which would pave the way for dating apps and globalised dating.

  30. Global financial crisis was also really bad for men in aggregate in the west. Lots of higher wage manufacturing and blue collar jobs just straight up vanished.

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