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  1. You like it better when I’m falling apart, it’s easier for you to go and break my heart. From one of there newer songs Moving on, or liars they leave a guilty trail, from weight of the world

  2. I think if your wave at people (r1) and do some of the little challenges you’ll unlock running, you can run by holding down B for a limited time

  3. It’s not just a you issue really, I’m assuming your playing the console port, I’ve heard that feature of the game is really not ported well to consoles in the first place, (I’m dreading having to do it) I saw a streamer STRUGGLING with it yesterday, obviously it’ll be even more difficult for you but hopefully they fix it to be better on console, they should definitely have disability options, it seems like they’ve made an effort to be inclusive in other areas of the game though, like with hair, no specific pronouns, and other stuff so maybe they’ll make adaptations to the game play to be more intuitive also, I think it was just a small team that made it though,

  4. Rip my figures get like this too so everyone once on a while I’ll dust them off,

  5. These are awesome but you look a bit scared in all of them!😅 was the band nice? Did you have a good time

  6. Yeah I got to see them back in 2019 they were awesome but I didn’t get to talk to them 😅

  7. I like how during every Splatfest it somehow feels like all the teams are the absolute worst depending on which side you're on. I'm Grub and I keep being bodied by Gear.

  8. Me too😞 I played for two hours and only won twice against gear

  9. This is really well done and cute, the art style feels unique 🧡

  10. I think this was supposed to be hastune Miku but they changed there minds and put Miku in fall guys instead,

  11. I turned off messages. You'd think the Splatfest was about ADHD versus Autism versus Furries.

  12. Am I not allowed to make light of my own mental illness💀 I gotta laugh about it otherwise I’ll cry it’s not easy feeling completely isolated from your social circle because there’s a fundamental difference in how I process things, I like relating to characters because I feel more seen

  13. But the adhd vs autism jokes are funny💀 because the characters are relatable to me

  14. The original skin was so cute and goofy why do you have to do this to her💀😭

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