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  1. But in the vast majority of the games Mario handles everything by himself.

  2. That's their thing, Relena would be disappointed if Heero backed down.

  3. Neat, still think they should have gotten the proper voices for the Beast Wars cast.

  4. At least Gary Chalk as Primal would be good but it's understandable. They couldn't even come back for the Netflix movies and they used the same designs as the OG show. They didn't even get sound alikes so seeing those designs with completely different voices just turned me off. Here, it's all so different and "Bay-ified" that I don't mind new voices as long as they are appropriate.

  5. Should have been at least Chalk as Primal and Kaye as Megatron.

  6. Can't wait til we step into the grand tour again.

  7. At least going back to FF4. That game opens with a hate crime.

  8. Given this is the original template of this meme it's probably ironic.

  9. It feels like 90% of people who've seen SH hates Cell Max

  10. I want DFE's of all the Super Hero major character and their many forms including Cell Max but if they do a DDF or DFE+LSC it should Piccolo and Gohan first.

  11. This feels pretty "stay in your lane-ish", which I'm not a fan of.

  12. I don't mean to be a bother, but I'm curious and I thought I could ask. How so?

  13. The EMF scanning tool is annoying and it's 'puzzles' are a bad joke.

  14. That's the most positive Tomino's ever sounded about another creators work.

  15. The first game is worth trying and if you like that one buy the sequel when the next sale comes around, MoF sucks though avoid it.

  16. Embrace the fear or put on a podcast or something in the background.

  17. Kim being DLC feels wrong, Shingo being in is cool though although I don't think he's a good pick to lead of the season with.

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