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  1. Welp, major skill issue for whoever logi’s in that region. Legit eating donuts while riding to the town hall easily lol. Nice

  2. Didn’t even answer the LOTR question? Smh lame person she is. Even the way she talks sounds like she’s a bot lmfao

  3. That shoulder of his must be feeling a lot of numbness after that or even pain.

  4. The fun part is assault rifles reducing speed... "Assault"...

  5. I really missed when we can run our Aalto and Dusk in a good speed.

  6. This is just sad, but at the same time I’m clueless on who two these guys are. 🤔

  7. Shouldn’t have touched the old dude, never know how a person would react within seconds either your lucky the person shoves you away or instantly react with a quick punch.

  8. T3 ballista : allow me to introduce myself.....

  9. This actually help me finish taking a shit successfully holy fuck NOPE!


  11. HOLD UP. . . . Never knew you can shoot the Malone over someone. I learned something new.

  12. Neither, you shouldnt waste your money and spend it on something nice for yourself, a family member or a friend.

  13. I don’t know if you know this or not but you can capture push guns (Mind explode) and also, wow we can loot Cutlers like I loot all the venoms and banes (I try to loot or steal hydraW).

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