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  1. I’ve become obsessed with The Check Out - a deep dive into issues within various links in the food supply chains.

  2. This is gorgeous and I love the idea. But for Disneyland CA, I'd rather lean into a nostalgic future that never was. Bring back the People Mover but add a stop on the other side of Autopia so it feels like an actual transportation system. Inside the Carousel of Progress use the latest technology to bring you into vignettes of old rides. Maybe compare scientific knowledge from then to now (Actual Mars Rover footage compared to Mission to 1970's Mars graphics, The actual nucleus of an atom, etc) Bring back the Mary Blair mural and work in the idea that world peace is futuristic, not fantasy.

  3. I'm a frequent solo travel who is over 50. People often ask why. I just tell them that Disneyland mostly sells endorphins and other happy brain juice. For those of us who don't have enough of our own, it's a great off the shelf option.

  4. That's so awesome! Did you visit the park throughout your life? If so, can you share some of memories there? My first visiting the park was in 1995, I was 4. The second time was when I was 24 in 2015. Ever since then, I try to go back whenever I can. It's my favorite place. It's my second home.

  5. Because I'm GenX and was raised by wolves, my relationship with Disneyland is closer to going home than any parental interaction.

  6. I have not been on this. But I will be going to Versailles after our DLP trip in May. We're taking the RER train from DLP (which is very easy) and staying in a hotel 2 train stops away from Versailles (it's a bit less expensive.)

  7. Yeah, she was a lot spookier but you only ever saw her like this when some gormless twit used a flash on the ride.

  8. I'm the shop steward of a national grocery chain. No, I am not interested in a quick chat unless I understand what the information would be used for and by whom.

  9. Sorry, but how dense do you have to be to meet up with someone NOT AT YOUR BANKING INSTITUTION to physically hand over cash in order to rectify your accounts?

  10. My grandma, rest her soul, would have done this. Her generation was so sheltered and so unaware of how much information is on the internet, that she would have fallen for any scam where they knew her name and bank.

  11. You can try to snag a reservation at noon if you walk up to Trader Sam’s. If you’ve rope dropped, head over to the DL Hotel for an early Lunch at Tangeroa Terrace whilst you’re there. It’s a perfect little getaway.

  12. Thank you for sharing. This is "my" Disneyland. The Disneyland of my early teens and the start of a lifelong obsession. Wonderful!

  13. When the parks were closed, I watched ALLLLL of them. These days, it's pretty much just Randomland, mrcheezypop, Offhand Disney, and Disney Dan. I just prefer a little research and a LOT of good vibes.

  14. Yes, especially since they’ve allegedly got into an altercation with Justin from Randomland during Princess Night.

  15. With Justin? How does one get into a fracas with Justin. He's like a big sweet goofy kid.

  16. I grew up with it and it scared me way more than the Haunted Mansion. It wasn't just the witch, the trees and crocodiles were terrifying! Even now, almost 50 years later, I still have nightmares that the skeletons in the prison are crawling at me.

  17. The Magic Happens parade is without question my favorite Disney parade. It captures the LA dance vibe in a spectacularly family-friendly way. I could not love the opening song more!

  18. The entire experience of Runaway Railroad is wonderful, from the queues to the exit into toontown. Perfect!

  19. Avengers Campus just about broke my heart. It's just so very meh.

  20. This schedule is pretty great for someone who wants to explore the entire resort. Your DCA days will most likely give you time to wander the hotels and DTD. Don’t forget to make reservations at Trader Sam’s!

  21. Do you fly? We took a kettle last year and loved it (we drink lots of tea. Also took a toaster lol) but drove.. trying to figure out how to do this with flying this year..

  22. I got the foldable portable kettle off Amazon. Under 20 bucks and I keep it in the original box. In the box, it's about 7 inches square and fits in my luggage.

  23. They lowkey allow dogs in my store. It's great! I have favorite dogs, I meet new dogs, I pet dogs all day. There's even one GIANT German Shepard that will seek me out when I'm bummed just to lean on me and get scritches.

  24. I loved this ride so much and could probably still sing the whole thing in order.

  25. Casey Jr has a longer wait than Pan? Weird day!

  26. This has to be fake. There's no way this man would let his ex-wife keep his son while he kept the daughter whom he clearly views as less than.

  27. Question OP.....have you received your full paycheck since this has started & been following company policy regarding reporting the incidents?

  28. This. There's also a very VERY good chance that you can be fired for interfering. No company wants to pay the insurance needed for low wage employees to act as LP or cops. So they have it stated as company policy that you aren't allowed to get involved.

  29. The smell in the Trading Post in Frontierland. It smells exactly the same as it did when I was a kid 50 years ago - leather, wood, dust and age.

  30. It took 4 visits for me to get a RoTR group. Fortunately that was back in the pre-Covid/pre reservations days so that only took about 2 months. But yeah, those three days of standing there bummed while people all around me celebrated was very disheartening.

  31. Many people have tried this, spent their own money and time to make insulated simple shelters for the homeless. Only to watch the city come and take it away. Cities don't want the homeless to be comfortable. They want them to go away. It's sickening.

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