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  1. I really liked the energy he put in the last few games. Was laughing my ass off when he cleared a ball at the back and the BeIN Sports commentator said “that’s some good old fashion agricultural defending” 🤣

  2. Agreed 100%. I think that he still looks super excited just to be there, and when that calms down a bit, he'll be even better than he is. It's not that is bad to be overly excited, quite the contrary, but that kind of excitement may also hinder your judgements sometimes. However, the more he plays, the better he'll get (i.e., more calm and decisive, but still energetic). Also, seeing someone like him at the back is very refreshing. I'm a big fan of no-BS defence and physical play in general. Therefore, I'm also a big fan of his.

  3. That’s true. Can really see on his face how tense he is since the very beginning of the game. And that’s a good thing I’d love to see on all players’ face actually.

  4. I’ll just drink this water. Don’t tell me what to do…

  5. just one minute before he said that he showed a pot boiling on his fire though, a bit confusing

  6. 🥹🥹🥹 so true. addicted to digging. wallet crying.

  7. Wealthy American couple in their late 50’s at a luxury hotel in Rome checking out. Front Office asks Housekeeper to check the minibar, Housekeeper calls back saying the room’s courtains are missing. Front Office manager forced to ask guests to open their luggage. Curtains were inside. Crazy.

  8. Animal Rap (Vinnie Paz + Kool G Rap) 🔥

  9. He spent a lot of time in Amsterdam and liked the city. So decided to name his album after it but only changed the name after recording the song ‘Marshall Mathers’ and then thought naming the album after himself suited the themes better.

  10. He must love Tulips, Van Gogh and Peanut Butter so much!

  11. I’ll Shit on You Till I Collapse Bully!

  12. this has a real artistic noir sarcastic side to it. love it! especially the table of presidents at the end

  13. Table side service has a long, long tradition. You just see it more now because of social media

  14. in traditions the Maitre D had white cotton gloves and would touch the food only with cutlery

  15. you must be young but very pleased to see Vinnie Paz on your list ❤️

  16. Trish has some solid competition now 🤣

  17. didn’t Gary always bring his beloved hatchet with him?

  18. Gift of Gab (RIP) discovered him way too late

  19. may aw pak chee. kin pak chee mai sabai loei

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