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  1. The US Congress was downright mean on Tik Tok, they blasted the company as very 'Un-American'. Anyone else find this ironic and laughable now that Facebook is found wanting?

  2. Agree with this but just want to throw in the fact that there are some park connectors (PCN) where they explicitly demarcate a "cycling + PMD" lane, and depending on the direction you are going this can be on the left or right.

  3. Dude.... u are only in your mid twenties, you are not supposed to be feeling 'comfortable' now. Now is the time to rack up meaningful, value adding, resume-packing experience and chase that career.

  4. And then the authorities (police etc) are forced to be highly strung and so often react with excessive force; since any confrontation can escalate into a shootout. Deathly spiral.

  5. Factual observation; In the US, White man kills black man, in public, aided by other white men. What's new?

  6. I said aided by other white men, not only white men. That is a casual factual observation in the video.

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