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oh-oh.... GG done pissed off Wall St....

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  1. While waiting on a crash I have a significant amount of my retirement in VANG VMMR-FED MMKT, Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund Investor Shares. Are you saying that this is not a safe place to hold assets? I’m not certain what kind of alternative I have to hold these funds in a place that won’t loose 50% in a downturn.

  2. Re do everything and make it as tight as you can. Try to get the topstring as close to perfectly symmetrical as you can. When doing the sidewalls make sure to pull the knots as tight as possible so they don’t become loose. Then watch a video on how to do shooter because you have done them wrong. You shouldn’t see any mesh on the row with the shooter.

  3. Side walls are like piano strings, and I redid all the shooters. I’m taking it for a spin soon.

  4. I wonder what Europeans think of Americans when seeing videos like this.

  5. There are two sides of the table in a casino. We are playing as the house.

  6. “Hey Grateful Dead fans, what are your thoughts on their highest ranking billboard song”

  7. Well see, that’s what got me intrigued. Touch of Grey took the band even higher than it was, bringing on a new fan base of those who only knew that song and likely attended shows hoping to hear it. I suppose a better question would’ve been what the reception was like in the 80’s.

  8. Good question. I love Touch of Grey, it’s fun and fast. I was 2 in 82 so I can’t give much context to how the fans received it.

  9. Rugpulls are temporary but diamond hands are forever💎

  10. I can’t wait to hear his answer when asked about what really happened under oath and the threat of perjury.

  11. Lonesome lake trail. Portions of it are the Appalachian trail, I believe

  12. My wife spends a fortune keeping her hair black, and loads of her friends do to. There is huge money in it, but I don’t want to go into a dying business

  13. Outside Chicago there is nice beauty salon, Curl Up and Dye

  14. That’s what I use on my hiking boots that have para cord laces

  15. Great advice… I started using parchment after my first transfer failure and never had a problem since. Pulling the parchment ~30 seconds in works great on a preheated pizza stone (~700F)👍🏼. Less necessary to even pull the parchment out if your pizza stone is only 500F or less (as that’s the ~ limit of most indoor ovens)

  16. Sure, let's break down why they look good. 1. Nice crust 2. Misshapen(so it's been handmade) 3.golden cheese and finally 4. Pepperoni, a classic choice

  17. Thanks for the encouragement! Just FYI, I used the poolish recipe someone put up here over the weekend. I like fermentation and wanted to give it a go.

  18. Take cover, batten the hatches, save the women and children

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