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  2. Exactly. Plus she's so short that you can point at her to give her headpats as a survivor. And all of her animations are cute and kind of sad. The way she flinches when I stun her makes me feel sad for her and watching her stand at the exit gates due to the inevitable 4 escape against her also makes me feel sad for her.

  3. Trickster: Hex devour hope, retribution, undying, pentimento, with an ebony mori on top

  4. Sadako : make your choice, coup de grace, jolt and floods of rage.

  5. What kinda changes are you looking for? I don’t play her much so I don’t know what is needed.

  6. My Sadako AND my Ghostie are now sparing every Nicholas Cage from here on out.

  7. My question isn't related to new chapter, I apologize for that. Is there any chance for Sadako to get buff (even small one like reducing cooldown of TVs or removing her lullaby because survivors can already see her from the distance should be enough to make her a bit better)? Sadako's TVs have much longer cooldown than any other teleporting ability, I know that it might be too dangerous because it will be way easier to get survivor condemned so maybe making each TV able to give 1 stack per teleport in every x seconds should be good enough to make her mobility better.

  8. yeah and with the new bleach anime your kid is gonna have a blast this summer

  9. I don't think that Sadako would kill you (unless you don't give her a reason ).

  10. Canonically she wants to destroy humankind, by being helpful for her it won't change you'll die sooner or later

  11. I like all the killers you mentioned I play Myers and wraith, oni and Wesker and slinger

  12. Yeah I have Sadako, I think she is a tad bit difficult due to low chase power but I have to play her more

  13. You can only level up character to p1 to get all it's perks for others.

  14. Sadako. She has stealth, mobility ability to kill instantly (all of those abilities are quite weak). Oreo can make you feel like you are playing horror game, the whole atmosphere around her is just perfect. Her visual and sound design are perfect and she is fin to play as and against (especially if oreo doesn't slug). She can be scary for both sides (if you play as her better watch out in lobby).

  15. Or gf that can literally make your heart stop beating by just looking at you (Sadako)

  16. No mither, self care inner healing and dark theory. I'm planning to replace dark theory with overcome or for the people.

  17. Do those onyros always win the games? I wonder if this build works everytime.

  18. I think that Sadako deserves to be placed closer to the mommy side

  19. Oreo and twins. I meet both killers rarely when I play survivor which is a shame because both are fun to face. The other reason why I want more people to play oreo is because I'm tired of listening to people saying how "CoNdEmNeD iS tHe OnLy ViAbLe WaY tO pLaY hEr" because that's not true at all. You can even argue that playing her normally is strong than that stupid condemned slug strategy. People hate to hear it but it's true.

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