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  1. It’s possible your problem could be incorrect reading of on cgm or treating too early

  2. For me, lows will sometimes wake me up but once I’m up I usually don’t feel shaky for a while

  3. Depends on glucose snd your ratio. If your going a bit low then don’t but if your in range or high and your ratio is below 15-20 carbs per unit then yeah, bolus

  4. That fast drop resembles a compression low. It indicates to me that the sensor is not seeing the interstitial fluid correctly and that the correct reading is probably up close to where the drop started.

  5. Actually it wasn’t compression just a brand new sensor but still very important info

  6. It’s funny because the placebo effect would immediately put me into adrenaline mode. Even if it was just a sensor malfunction

  7. I actually have an official biohazard container (small) but other than that cheese ball, animal cracker or tide pod containers in the past

  8. I’d recommend calibrating the Dexcom and going with the median of the two blood readings

  9. YTA. There’s a difference between babysitting your kids and attending a family event with kids and other adults

  10. Never had one but it's pretty wild to me that someone with no experience or training takes over the diabetes care of children who have to take care of it themselves outside of school anyway. Seems irresponsible, reckless and belittling.

  11. Right? Especially now in my moms district many schools don’t even get that. A secretary just goes in when a kid needs them 🤦‍♀️

  12. This ice cream does nothing to my blood sugar despite it saying Net. It definitely works for my body I guess

  13. That great! I’ve just had bad experiences thinking it’s only ___ carbs when it’s really net carbs. Still excited to try it

  14. I think it’s wonderful you’re looking to cover up your sons dead name! I wish there were more supportive parents like you.

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