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  1. Merry merry king of the bushes he

  2. Ok, but seriously, after all this time, I must know - what is a gumdrop tree?!

  3. The closest feature to that would be either linking an exercise or setting more individual and specific goals like instead of learn you could set one goal for math, one for French, etc

  4. It’s kind of hard to tell in the picture so I’ll update the post with which i bought

  5. I’d choose Kevin because he had more common sense than Erin. He wasn’t very book smart or even that street smart but he knew more about everyday life than Erin did. Like when Erin threw away the disposable camera, Kevin wouldn’t do that

  6. Lisa goes Gaga (s23e22) was really the worst rated episode ever? I thought it wasn’t that bad

  7. I like spring summer best because I associate beaches with warmth and summer

  8. I’ve lived here my whole life and said eye nova but have also heard plenty of in nova and I think both are fine and correct

  9. Because I am a small female who will never be as large or as strong as man who wants to hurt me or my daughter. It’s the only chance I have, especially when response times can be 20-45 minutes in my area.

  10. You can get these stretchy ‘belts’ that go under your clothes and around you waist . They have little pockets that a muño fits well in. They’re meant for runner so they also hold phone, keys, etc

  11. Thank you. I've been looking at some of those. Do you know any brands that are solid quality? I've read of a few that stain everything, so I haven't actually bought anything yet

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