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  1. Dude I aint lyin, I’m a woman and just act like he PMSing. I leave him be when he PMSing and party with my girls, go gym, do my thing… and then he eventually snaps outta it and is giving me 100000x more love! Mental 😂

  2. Same experience lol. Anyone dealing with an avoidantthis is the answer. The more you panic the worse things get.

  3. Okay, but ultimately, that's not a healthy relationship. That's a toxic one lol. The avoidant gets all the benefits and you get whatever scraps they decide to provide.

  4. I’m secure leaning FA. I like my space too. Whenever he disappears I get to enjoy myself solo for a bit. Not saying this isn’t toxic, but each time it happens it’s a little less toxic. Don’t know if that makes any sense. Whenever we are back together we joke about our craziness. I used to get very stressed about it. Now I try to get as much of the solo stuff I can in before we start back up.

  5. I’m so depressed. It’s been 4 months. My whole life fell apart. I’m 30 and have been prescribed adhd meds since I was 8. Im an over achiever that can’t seem to get anything done anymore. Even brushing my teeth is exhausting now.

  6. 4 months for me. Have lost everything and I’ve done the same load of laundry 5 times because I never get around to drying it.

  7. I…I’m sorry…he said he’s the “second coming of Christ”..? Does he need medication? Perhaps the good ol’ mental hospital?

  8. I don’t know. I like him the way he is. Very interesting human with a wild world view. People forget everyone is entitled to their own opinions and thoughts. Ye is different. I’m glad that kind of different exists.

  9. 60000/BPM. Then halve it as many times as you want. Don’t forget to use your ears. It’s all about groove. This is a good starting point though. At the end of the day it helps to print everything to audio so you can see where your notes/reverbs are ending on the grid.

  10. I don't know any American that drinks Budweiser because they like the way it tastes.

  11. When I go to a restaurant for a lemonade I ask them to water it down. This is why I like bud light. Not looking for a crazy amount of flavor all the time. Just want something that goes down easy.

  12. I lost my dad to an accelerated form of dementia when I was 16. I didn’t cry. I still miss him 15 years later and wish I would have gotten to know him as a person instead of just a dad. I had 3 years to accept it. When he died I think I had already accepted it. I was with him when he passed.

  13. Agreed. Really any instrument. It’s all about the vibe and what your looking for. If it makes you feel better about your headphone decision I have a big edm DJ friend that used to mix everything on apple ear buds. Also have another buddy that produces with Scott Storch and he has the basic Beats headphones. It’s mostly about finding a pair you like and learning them well. It took me a while to find a pair I really liked. It’s like finding the right brand of jeans lol.

  14. I think there is of course variety between what people enjoy, but at the end of the day most should still aim for headphones on the flatter side compared to something meant for casual listening.

  15. I have a really cool pair of Rosen Audio design headphones that sound great. But something about the MDR-7506 keeps me coming back lol.

  16. The only projects you should have on your laptop are your current ones.

  17. If he decides he wants Omnisphere or kontakt, there goes half of his storage on a base model. The computer will slow down.

  18. He will spend all of his money on a 8gb ram 500g storage Mac and need to upgrade within a year. Buy a cheaper PC with higher specs if it’s for production. You don’t need a Mac.

  19. Hey thanks for the response. Happy to hear you have made up your mind. Peace of mind can be hard to find with avoidants. Especially if you push them lol.

  20. Yes! You can bet he’d come back around once you’re doing well again. My heart says I’d also give another chance if there is effort on his part, but my mind says it will only be another round of the same thing, it would be hard to fully trust. But I guess I’ll worry about that when it happens 😅

  21. Hey everyone. My dismissive avoidant partner just broke up with me today. He goes through cycles of being ultra connected and completely detached. When things are good he forgets about the things we need to work on, when he’s in a bad mood, the good times never existed. I can honestly say this go around I was the best person I could possibly be. I’ve been very understanding after learning about attachment theory. I honestly feel bad for him. I hate seeing him bounce around in his own head. I hope he can find happiness. TBH this gives me time to catch up on life. I hope he grows from this breakup. I’m much stronger from the last 2. Wish me luck Reddit. The train hasn’t hit me yet and I’m hopeful I can get through this without that nightmarish depression.

  22. Not everyone who speaks english knows the nuances of grammar, would be a closer comparison. You need to know english to spesk english. You dont need to know theory to arrange notes in an appealing way

  23. I get what your saying. People think knowing theory is being Mozart. If you arrange your notes in a repetitive rhythm you are using music theory. You know what sounds good because you listen to music every day. You also probably learned English by listening. Even if you don’t understand it, you are using music theory.

  24. I agree, Im using music theory and someone can break down what im doing, but I cant, and I guess thats the point im making. People in this thread seem to be saying that if you cant break down what youre doing, youre not a musician. Its, weird.

  25. If you make music your a musician. Learn a bit of theory though. It will only restrict you if you become obsessive.

  26. Chances are they are paying attention. My partner says the same thing. He convinces himself no one is listening to him. Maybe you are expecting a different response than what you got? Some people like myself process things quickly, like immediately. We are not judging you if you don’t hop in as much. Shit, if you hopped in the convo for a split second we could remember it as you being part of the whole conversation. We are not keeping score. I know it can be hard. Especially if you think others are judging you. They are not. They are more focused on putting together a solid response for themselves. When you hop in the conversation you are feeding it. Even if you share something that others disagree on they will like you more, because it gives them a chance to share their own view. You are not boring, they are not selfish. You and this question are interesting af to me. I’m sure a lot of people think highly of you. Even if they don’t share. And people like me are attracted to you. On a final note, if they were talking more than you, they were enjoying the conversation and think highly of you. That’s it. Your a rockstar. Keep it up.

  27. My dismissive avoidant asks for space constantly. When I give the space, he gets insecure and thinks I don’t care anymore. This leads to him stonewalling and canceling plans whenever he is ready to re connect. Almost like, if I’m ok with the space, it triggers him. Do any of you guys know what’s going on? I’m secure/fearful. I’m a positive person, I never tear him down, very supportive, always going above and beyond. I can’t tell if I’m triggered right now. I know I’m in love. But this is an impossible puzzle. I’m just trying to enjoy the moment. I feel for you avoidants. This must be super tough on you. Equally as tough on me. I’d love to learn about your perspective so I can show up the best I can.

  28. I'd open the dialogue with them and state what you see happening. Can be as easy as: 'Hey X, you say you want space but when you have it you don't seem to like it because you cancel plans. I'm curious as to what's going on for you when this happens?'

  29. Sadly this is a dead end for me. It turns into “nothings wrong”, or “idk”. Usually when I try to talk things out he rolls his eyes then fortifies himself. Like full on Great Wall of China. But yeah, if he talks out his feelings, everything returns to normal almost immediately. He knows this. Still a rare occurrence.

  30. Yes. I know this feeling. You are lucky to be secure in your relationship. I find it hard to respond to texts. I’m better with phone calls. Surround yourself with people that lift you up, and do as much as you can for them. Don’t waste time with people that bring you down. Do you have hobbies? Is your relationship co-dependent? It’s hard for me to let people in my life when I’m going through a codependent phase. Just find what you like to do and do it. Try to get excited about something and stay consistent. I am not good at writing and have had no caffeine today but I hope this helps a bit.

  31. Just keep going. Sounds like your in a good place. Sometimes there is a bit of lag time between adventures.

  32. Been producing ten years, have every plug-in, I’m good with all of them, not really great with any of them and now I just use ableton stock. They all do the same thing.

  33. Consistency. The more you put out on a consistent basis the better chance you have. If your beats are at that level, they will catch steam. Also be a part of your scene. Take feedback. If you think your stuff is amazing it’s probably not. When you start to doubt yourself, your probably better than you think lol.

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