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  1. Will never understand why you’re willing to risk it. There is absolutely 0 good reason to drink while pregnant. There are non alcoholic beers, Wine, mocktails, just say you’re selfish and go on

  2. The earliest it’s recommended to night wean is 6 months and that’s only if you’re formula’s almost like people somehow miss the memo that babies don’t sleep lmao

  3. My favorite genre of mom complaints (myself included) is the problems we literally cause ourselves. Why were there stuffed animals to begin with??? He wouldn’t need them to fall asleep if you never gave them to him in the first place

  4. “If it works, then it works” except that you won’t realize it’s not working anymore until you have a dead baby

  5. I was in the Facebook group, not sure who posted it originally. This woman said, and I quote, “we have sex next to our baby often, often while breastfeeding. He’s a baby and doesn’t know what’s happening,” I’ll never forget it because it made me so sick. I was literally triggered for days

  6. Echinachea tea isn't homeopathic it's a herbal medicine. Homeopathy is a specific nonsense and modern school of thought where "like cures like" but because the uh, like is bad for you, IE. Arsenic, you dilute it so many times that the water no longer contains a single molecule of that cure. And even if that wasn't silly enough, the cures are based on cute ideas like onions cause your eyes to water - people with colds have runny eyes... Therefore onion Is the cure for colds. But obviously, dilute it millions of times first.

  7. That was me, I’m not a crunchy I guess I just didn’t know the right terminology, just that it works for me 🫣

  8. Yeah, homeopathy refers to a very specific thing (you should look up the Wikipedia article on it, it’s actually a really entertaining read), but it’s pretty common for folks to conflate homeopathic remedies with herbal remedies.

  9. I think I just figured anything non-pharmaceutical fell under the homeopathy umbrella. This is like the only herbal remedy I use, and sometimes ginger for nausea. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I am not an essential oil girlie I promise haha thank you for the interesting info!

  10. I will never understand how these women look at that dry shriveled up cord and think it’s doing ANYTHING for their baby??

  11. The pedos do not actually care if your child is covered up, because that does not prevent them from being sexualized. And young boys, whose swim suits consist of just pants, also can be victims of this.

  12. Right I absolutely hear you but like, and excuse me for being crude but it is what it is, why give them premium content??? In a place with as many people as a water park it would be sooo easy for a stranger to film your child without you realizing and who is he/she gonna choose? The kiddo wearing a bathing suit, or the one without? I’m not making my kid an easy target. I know it sucks that people like that exist but we do have to act accordingly because unfortunately it’s impossible to know you are not in the presence of such disgusting individuals. As for the little boys, I hear you. You and I don’t make distinctions between a 3 year old boys chest and a 3 year old girls, but pedophiles do.

  13. Then noone should ever be shirtless. Ever. There should be no nude beaches. There should be no shirtless men or boys, not just girls. Bikinis shouldn't exist. Predators are everywhere and not just predators of children.

  14. Weird as fuck for you to say “if a stranger is jerking off to my kid so be it, I can’t be bothered to mitigate that risk” Also, I don’t post my kid online at all. Because I’m concerned with their safety

  15. I don’t really see much of an issue with this one

  16. Nah this is just a goofy one to break up the depression stream of child neglect

  17. Break up the streak of child abuse 😂 sounds so morbid but it’s so true..

  18. I might catch downvotes for this but I will never rock with the mentality of “my kids and I will struggle but it’ll be fine” why would you willingly bring a child into a life of poverty and hardships? This is so wrong. Do the best you can to make sure the kid you already have is not majorly affected by their parents screw ups and then go from there…

  19. Well if they stopped making themselves martyrs then they wouldn’t have any reason to feel special would they?

  20. You could maybe say she’s flirting but he’s being as dry as he can be. Maybe figure out why you’re so insecure that you get worked up over something this small

  21. A mom in my play group swore her son was saying words at 5 months old. One day during the group she was like „hear, he’s saying random word”. Then I realised I don’t actually need to be concerned about my daughter’s development because she’s saying the same gibberish he is. But I guess it can mean whatever you want it to 😅

  22. Yes exactly this. My daughter has been saying a babble that sounds like “hi” since she was 4 months old. But it’s not hi it’s just a baby noise lol

  23. So I knew you were lying when you said your baby can sit up by herself, for a full month now, but doesn’t roll. That’s not how it works 🤦🏻‍♀️

  24. We do affirmations with my daughter every night and “you are gorgeous” is one of them, alone with “you are smart/strong/loved/unique” etc. if it were the only thing then yea maybe

  25. “To each their own” is for like, preference in ice cream. I’m so sick of seeing this phrase to excuse unsafe parenting. Do better. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  26. “Some people have their kid wear a helmet when riding a bike. I know my child best and they would never fall down or be hit by a car. To each their own.”

  27. You think you’re joking but I’ve seen people wearing babies who are way too young to even be on a bike. Let alone without a helmet..

  28. Normal, good parents don’t have this underlying fear of CPS taking their kids….

  29. Ugh. I’m an RN and I deal with parents like this ALL THE TIME. They swear up and down their child has autism even when we tell them they don’t meet the diagnosis. And then I feel like it sets the child up for failure because of how adamant the parent is, that the child starts believing there’s something wrong with them.

  30. Do you have any thoughts as to why parents do this? My sister has two kids who she swears both have ADHD and are on the spectrum but neither have an official diagnosis and everyone else thinks they’re just kids acting like kids

  31. Is your sister ADHD/autistic? I responded to the comment above yours before seeing this one. I know a lot of people my age (30s) are getting diagnosed as adults because the assessments weren't designed for afab kids and kids who didn't present "typically." I wonder if some of this is over-compensating?

  32. The only thing my sister has ever been diagnosed with is BPD, which she does not seek treatment for. Just wanted a diagnosis and then she was done looking into it. So, take that as you will

  33. Looks like a healthy complexion to me. Your skin doesn't look that red to me (at least in the pictures), but also I think I read a study somewhere where they found that people with redder complexions are perceived as more healthy.

  34. I see a lot of posts here complaining about redness but isn’t having color in your face a good thing? I have a darker complexion so redness doesn’t really show on me the same way but I think it makes you and people in general look alive and healthy and flushed.

  35. Thank you! I’m trying to imagine tahini with caramel sauce, but I’m willing to give it a try.

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