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  1. Hey Dale, I was wondering what are your views on life

  2. They are all equally shit for having me pay for online play

  3. If you pick sym! You’re human garbage. Been saying this for years after she lost her shields. I hope she dies lore wise

  4. Bro 100% going to be begging on the streets at 18

  5. Fuck that. Deep Rock Galactic needs to be there and on Community support. The devs stream on twitch 2 times a week and comment on the subreddit and are legit the best devs around

  6. At least splatoon still has their previous 2 game servers running

  7. Sym. Lower her ammo or make the beam range smaller That and or make it the stronger it is the less distance it has

  8. If I remember correctly this guy goes out side and just spills it

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